Nicolas is a graduate of the Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, IAE Business school (University of Lille) and Kedge Business school.

For 12 years, Nicolas managed his own consulting and training structure before joining AIMS International. During this time he carried out numerous coaching missions in industrial, logistics and retail environments in France and abroad. He has also participated in recruitment, assessment and training processes in a wide variety of environments.

Previously, he has worked in large international groups as well as in small and medium-sized companies and has acquired extensive knowledge in supply chain management.

Nicolas was a career officer in the French Army and still serves in the Army Reserve.

Since joining AIMS International, Nicolas has been actively contributing to the development of the group in the French-speaking European HR-consulting market. His strength lies in his ability to quickly identify client needs and propose innovative solutions.

He speaks French, English, Spanish and Russian


I was born in Bordeaux and spent my first twenty years in Paris. I have always been fascinated by the industrial and commercial adventures in which my family participated in France, Europe and across the Atlantic (the Royal Aubusson Tapestry Factory for 300 years, then the sugar industry, the railway industry and the development of maritime lines with Latin America).

Passionate about languages and civilisations, I learned Russian and Spanish. I have lived in Spain for 7 years, and have spent time in the Maghreb, French-speaking Africa and in Central and Eastern Europe. I am interested in geostrategic issues and how these should impact the development of human resources and talent in companies and the public sector.

For more than 10 years, I have been practicing CSR in an operational way, and more particularly the reduction of the carbon footprint in the supply chain, a strong axis of development for our client companies.

I live in Lyon and visit Paris regularly.

I have always been a sportsman, I like to write and travel, I am curious and passionate about everything. And I love people!

What I particularly like about my role as a profile finder and HR consultant are the meetings, the exchanges, the satisfaction of having solved a complex equation by having understood my client's deepest needs and identified the right candidates whose most hidden motivations I was able to probe and capture.

Some professional highlights:

  • In my first job, I successively held various operational and cross-functional management positions in a large express transport group, which enabled me to implement projects and development actions in which the Human factor was key
  • I led a project team aiming to redefine the logistics organisation of a beverage distribution company in the out-of-home consumption channel by leading business experts and external consultants.
  • In 2005, I structured the sales department of a Spanish family-owned service company by devising organisational solutions adapted to a business model different from that of a large group.
  • I have accompanied several companies of different sizes in redesigning their organisation, for which the recruitment of talent with regard to their CSR commitment was key.

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