AIMS International has had offices in the Americas since 1999 and has been performing senior-level executive search projects in more than 35 countries in the region. These range from the largest economies, such as USA, Mexico, and Brazil to the smallest economies in the Caribbean Region. Integration and cross-pollination among our offices present our clients with sophisticated search solutions no matter the country or the growth phase of the company.


With senior partners and offices strategically located, AIMS pride itself in offering an impressive range of expertise across this diverse region. Our consultants have a robust knowledge of the local markets and are able to help our clients navigate such hot issues as the diversity of habits and culture together with different regulations and economic practices. In addition to these skills, we also work in practice groups across the main industries and in an integrated fashion, resulting in a high-end service that steers our clients towards success. 


North America is the cradle of technological innovation; it remains the largest and most essential market for most of the business segments and is home to nearly half of the world’s Executive Search business. It is never enough for us simply to understand our client’s segment in devising a world-class solution; we continually challenge ourselves to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Although incredibly diverse, the smaller countries in Central America together represent the combined economic power of a larger country in Latin America. These countries are all on a growth curve in their development phases, providing opportunities in energy, infrastructure, logistics and, connectivity. Investment agriculture is changing the employment market in the region with multinational companies owning both production and warehousing sites. Although unemployment rates remain fairly high and the difference in salary scales between countries is significant, the demand for skilled and professional level workers is creating a competitive environment.

South America has many “powerhouse” countries that exert an influence on the region’s economy, including Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and, Chile. Over the past decade some of these nations have struggled with their own governments, resulting in a slower rate of development. However, this phase seems to be over and South America is back on an accelerated track of GDP growth.

Due to the large diversity of economic and cultural status in its countries, the Americas region needs a reliable business partner in Executive Search and Talent Management: a partner who is able to supply local knowledge; a partner who is flexible and able to adapt to the reality and maturity of each country; an efficient partner who is able to deliver state-of-the-art services from its highly integrated offices. AIMS International is this global partner, performing high-end services across the Americas while integrating with the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.


Juan Crespín

Global Vice President

Cecilia Diaz

Executive VP Americas

Juan Carlos Solano

VP Latin America