AIMS International Sweden is active within Executive Search, Talent Management and Board Services. We offer experience and renewal in a unique combination. The company has experience from many different industries and types of assignments. We nurture long-term customer relationships, are not industry-dependent and do not want to have too many clients in a competitive segment. This is to be able to search for candidates as freely as possible to the clients we work for.

We are both a strategic partner and solve actual assignments when clients need to find key personnel or to broaden the basis for decision-making prior to employment. The assignments are on top and middle management and senior specialist level.

Development is important to us. With the traditions of our business in mind we have a great interest in how Executive Search should be developed to be a competitive and highly valued service to our clients and candidates also in the future. We serve both international and national clients and can meet our clients’ requirements anywhere in the world.

Our office is situated in the center of the Old town in Stockholm.

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Our Services

More and more businesses are telling us how hard it is to find the right key skills. The success of the business in question may stand or fall on the difference between finding a person and finding the RIGHT person.


We carry out our proactive Executive Search here in Sweden and around the globe. We find CEOs and executives for other senior management functions, as well as business-critical specialists. We do everything in our power to help our clients achieve their business goals.


Each Executive Search assignment is unique in its requirements and solution. We analyse your business and needs, locate the candidates and reach out to the most interesting people for your specific assignment.


A typical process may look like this:


We begin by analysing the specific needs related to the assignment. Interviews with key persons in the organisation then are important. We agree on an assignment description, candidate profile and timeframe with the client. We set the parameters for our assignment-specific research – where should we search and where are we likely to find the most interesting candidates? We contact the candidates and interview them. Our comprehensive and authoritative database provides invaluable assistance.


Typically, after six-seven weeks we present between two and four candidates who all meet or exceed the agreed requirements.


In the final phase, we enhance our decision-making data by extensive reference taking, background checks (when necessary) and a Leadership Assessment. All this information also helps to optimise the onboarding process for your new key person.


We provide a guarantee for all assignments and follow up recruitments with both clients and candidates.


You are most welcome to contact us to discuss your needs and how we might help you.

The presence of a strong, forward-looking, diverse and effective Board is increasingly critical to the success of every organisation and most boards today have strategically or operationally high priority improvement areas. We assist client boards to reach their goals and their potential and we help solving problems as an external trusted partner, where this is needed.


In our global AIMS International Board Services Practice there are qualified and experienced business professionals who are able to draw upon their own personal experience working on or with Boards across a broad range of business sectors. Our Managing Partner in Sweden Titti Hammarling is Global Head for the practice. The team is diverse and comprises senior AIMS International Partners who are located around the globe. Clients range from large public companies to mid-size/small family owned businesses and the services we provide are bespoke to the clients specific needs.


In Sweden we provide service in the following areas of expertise:

  • Executive Search for non-executive board members
  • Executive search for CEOs and other executive board members
  • Board Evaluations and Assessments
  • Assessment and Coaching of Individual Board Members
  • Board Succession Planning including Talent Mapping
  • Evaluations supporting M&A processes and decisions

Our work in Talent Management includes Assessments and Growth Programmes for individuals and teams as well as initiatives to make Talent Management Processes more effective and result-orientated. We focus on helping businesses, executives and management teams to unleash their full potential in alignment with their business goals and areas of responsibility.


  • We use our Leadership Assessments to identify talent, assess suitability and reveal development potential.
  • We help individual executives to develop through customised Growth Programmes.
  • We support management teams to develop their working methods and deliver results through our Team Growth Programmes.
  • We adapt, develop and streamline the Talent Management Processes to ensure they deliver genuine goodwill. This typically involves encouraging different aspects of Talent Management to coalesce and reinforce each other to achieve results.

You are most welcome to contact us to discuss your needs and how we might help you.

Knowledge about the strengths, development needs and potential of individual key persons and management teams can make a huge difference to the company in question and the future success of those individuals and teams. Leadership Assessments provide neutral and enhanced decision-making data that can be used for change management and planned development initiatives.




This is an assessment of an individual’s capabilities and potential to succeed in a specific task or special role. The assessment is based on an in-depth understanding of the requirements of the task/role, as well as mapping and evaluating the individual’s experience, knowledge, incentives, personal attributes, motivation, potential and cognitive proficiencies.


The results of these assessments are valuable and useful in many contexts, including:

  • The recruitment of external key persons
  • The promotion or recruitment of internal candidates
  • The selection for talent and development programmes
  • The basis for personal development initiatives

We are experts at defining the success requirements that different tasks impose on executives and specialists; our experienced assessors are well-versed in strategic talent supply and use tried-and-tested methods to assure AIMS International’s common process. This allows us to coordinate assignments across national borders in an effective way. 




Executives often express a desire for better performing management teams and other business-critical teams. There may be problems with the composition of the team or its ability to collaborate. Such teams tend to fixate on irrelevant issues, or their decision-making processes stall or take far too long.


Carrying out an Assessment or Audit of a management team is worthwhile for a variety of reasons and is sometimes essential for a team’s ability to break bad habits and move on. The results of an Assessment Review are invaluable as they provide e.g.:

  • Evaluation of the capacity of a team
  • Decisions designed to improve work and results in the team
  • Audit of the team’s prospects for managing new game-changing challenges and situations, e.g. major strategy shifts, acquisition or split-up of the business, etc. 

When we work with Management Team Assessments, we take a dual approach: one aspect is the individual members and what they bring to the team – what their strengths and weaknesses are in terms of the assignment. The second aspect involves assessing the prospects for the team’s work via its goals, working methods, dynamics and ground rules. We make an assessment of the team’s strengths and weaknesses and use this as decision-making data for implementing changes and development initiatives.


Assessments of this type are carried out by consultants with deep insight into the realities of leadership and working on a management team, as well as business strategy, and the way teams interact and evolve. We always select the best suited consultant(s) for the assignment in question.

– customised to the developmental needs of executives and specialists


There are a variety of reasons why executives want and need to strengthen their own leadership skills and the impetus to do so may come from them or the people around them, e.g. their board of directors or immediate superior.


Standardised leadership training rarely impacts individual leadership and abilities on a deeper level. We base our work on the executive’s specific tasks, situation and personality-related resources. We customise Growth Programmes for the individual key person. We focus on issues that are important to the future goals and plans of the individual and align with the business context in which that individual operates.


We regard the participant as the active party. They have a personal leadership coach on hand for the duration of the programme.


To obtain the right input values and ensure a favourable starting point, we begin the development programme by carrying out a Leadership Assessment and creating a change and development plan.


The programmes are conducted via individual sessions focused on key issues and themes relevant to the individual. The meetings will be a combination of planning and coaching and will be paired with the individual’s own developmental work in their day-to-day lives.


The consultants working with these programmes specialise in Individual Leadership Development and are well-versed in the current challenges that executives face.


The programmes are conducted in strict confidentiality.

– development for management teams


Getting a management team to function optimally – so that it matches business requirements and provides good, forward-looking leadership – is crucial to the success of most companies and organisations. If the teamwork is suboptimal, it will take a massive effort by everyone involved to turn things around.


We train the spotlight on the business goals and the management team in question. Depending on the problems and desired development work in question, we customise Growth Programmes for management and other teams.


We focus on how the team operates and interacts and we identify development needs; we also concentrate on questions that are important to the individuals in light of their future goals and plans. Moreover, we align the work with the business context in which the team operates and look at what others expect from the team.


The development programme for the management team begins with a thorough comparison between the current situation and the desired change. We meet the team, discuss their situation and views on what needs to improve, we identify the management team’s general challenges, and its ways of dealing with problems and development.


The next step is to carry out individual Leadership Assessments and a Group Assessment.


The subsequent development work takes place in active workshops with the management team, paired with individual coaching sessions and follow-up meetings, as needed and agreed.


The first workshop focuses on the composition of the team – i.e. which abilities are well or under-represented, the impacts this has and the best way to manage them. The second workshop focuses on the prerequisites for the team’s work, e.g. goals, process, structure and support.


On both these occasions, one or more AIMS consultants act as facilitators for a discussion aimed at creating an understanding of the current situation and consequences, as well as for making decisions about measures to improve the situation.


These two workshops are complemented by follow-up meetings as needed.

Performance Management can be defined as a process that continually identifies, evaluates and develops the performance of individuals in a business. This is done by linking every individual’s results and goals to their company’s overall tasks and goals.


Our Performance Management programme achieves clear results. The process focuses on both the long-term development plans for the organisation and on the expectations on every role involved. We define your requirements for the specific role in question: which knowledge, experience and behavioural skills are required in order to meet and exceed the business goals. Then we delve into the individual’s capabilities and potential by using evaluations and structured interviews to identify strengths and development areas for the individuals. The results are presented to both the client and the key persons.

Succession planning is a key component of leadership and human resources planning. It involves an integrated, systematic strategy for identifying, developing and retaining skilled and talented leaders and employees in alignment with future business goals.


In our succession planning process, we support our clients through long-term plans and by identifying the positions that are especially critical when it comes to achieve current and future business goals. We then identify which key persons are interested in and has the potential to fill these positions and where the client needs to plan for external recruitments.

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Our Team

AIMS International employs some 350 consultants worldwide. Just over 30 of these are located in the Nordic/Baltic region and in Sweden we are a team of seven consultants.

A continuous development of what we do is very important to us: moving forward with new hypotheses and searching for better work models in a traditional industry. So we also focus on our own continual development – both as individual consultants and as a team. Everything to ensure that our clients get a state-of-the-art partnership. We optimise our work to ensure the perfect fit for both assignment and client. One of us always takes the lead, but we harness the power of the team – its skills, resources and creativity – to create the best results. Our different skills are channelled into client assignments and collaborative working acts as an important source of internal inspiration and togetherness for us.

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