Companies permanently seek ways to boost their top management’s (or other business critical teams’) performance. They look for ways to make collaboration, development of new ideas and strategies more efficient. Perhaps they also have issues with the interactions or the workflow within the team.

An assessment or audit of a leadership group can deliver the right solutions for performance improvement and is sometimes also necessary to enable a team to break patterns and move on. The results of an Assessment Review are valuable, because they can provide:

  • An evaluation of the capacity of a team and its prospects for successfully navigating new challenges, determining strategies and implementing change
  • Solutions to improve collaboration within the team
  • Identification of personal development opportunities for individual team members

When we conduct leadership group assessments, we take a two-pronged approach: on the one hand, we assess the individual members and their contribution to the team, on the other hand, we analyse the group’s dynamics, interactions and rules of collaboration.