AIMS International was not only founded in this region – with our head office in Vienna – we also grew and prospered phenomenally in Western Europe in the last (almost three) decades.

Out of our 50 partners globally, the Western European region within AIMS International consists of 13 partner companies, delivering service excellence to our national and international clients, stimulating cross-border business around the globe.

Client challenges are met and exceeded, not only by our local staff, but actively teaming up with our network of international partners to serve clients across the globe.  Colleagues within our global practice teams, where experienced industry experts make the difference, contributes hugely to drive our business forward.

We provide the expertise needed for the markets where we operate and make it easy for our clients to develop their companies and groups internationally with the support of our teams and their inter-cultural strengths. Our talented team members are trusted to rise to the challenge wherever the need arises.

Thus, Western Europe has not only been where our association originates, but has also been the main business driver in the past decades, delivering AIMS International’s cross-border champions. Western European markets with its approximately 390 million inhabitants is now challenged by rising “stars” especially in ASIA and “Going East” and by changes happening in the Americas, MEA as well as in other parts of Europe.

We recognise that change happens all the time and has become our daily reality; this applies strongly to this region, embracing a large range of languages, cultures and political beliefs. Sure, the pendulum of change is currently challenging this region above all.  However, we can also be quite certain, this economically strong region will continue to play an important role in our global future.


Peter Barkhurst

Vice President AIMS International

Grégoire Depeursinge

VP Western Europe