North America is the world’s third-largest continent, covering approximately 16.5% of the earth’s land surface, and is strategically positioned between the Atlantic Ocean in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west.

The economy comprises more than 579 million people, responsible for a GDP of $22.2 trillion. The United States, Canada and, Mexico are the three largest countries in North America, sharing an interconnected economy.

These impressive numbers underline the global importance of this region in several aspects, including business mindset, technology, and culture.

The region is home to many iconic multinational companies in several different industries, which lead to global trends and influence business evolution.

From Media and Technology to Automotive, Consumer, Life Sciences, Industrial, and Financial Services, every market segment is to be found in North America, exhibiting robust development and intense activity.

North America remains the cradle of technological innovation and the largest and most essential market for most of the business segments. It is also home to nearly half of the world’s Executive Search business.  

Our team in North America is composed of passionate experts in executive search and leadership development. We work so closely with our clients that we become their ambassadors when speaking to prospective candidates. We share our clients’ stories, their cultures, their teams’ dynamics, and their challenges. This customized methodology allows us to have a high level of engagement with candidates and to attract the right profiles for our clients’ specific needs.

Teamwork within the AIMS International organisation is remarkable, not just in North America but across the globe; it offers a collaborative process that delivers the best candidates no matter where they are located.

Our talent management services will take care of onboarding, integration and leadership development to unlock the full potential of each individual in your leadership team.

We understand that providing a world-class solution is not enough; we strive to go beyond our clients’ expectations. This long-term journey is exactly what AIMS International has been successfully undertaking in North America for more than 20 years.


Cecilia Diaz

Executive VP Americas