As a founding member of AIMS International in 1992, Switzerland has been strongly involved in the organisation’s development since the start.

As a member of the business community of a multilingual country, home to many global organizations and companies, AIMS International Switzerland has a long tradition of handling complex assignments, searching across multiple locations, and dealing with different cultures whilst maintaining close proximity with customers.

We are committed to serving our customers with the highest quality, positioning ourselves more as a business partner than as a consultant. Our aim is to provide solutions covering all levels in relation to talent management and development, enabling our clients to be more efficient, agile, and well-equipped in a VUCA environment. At AIMS, we understand the importance of having an approach that takes into account the issues related to sustainable development, not only of physical resources but also of the human ones. This is why we have integrated this aspect into all our processes, as we are convinced that we need to be sustainable and socially responsible from now on to be competitive. We have also understood that only a holistic and integrative reading of the company, i.e. one that takes into account all the organisational levels of the company, such as mission, vision & strategic goals, culture & values, can lead to the creation of processes and working methods that can be effective and lasting in the long term.


For our Swiss clients, especially start-ups and SMEs, we have developed an innovative business model that combines responsiveness, flexibility, and speed with the service level one expects from a first-rate international HR-Consultancy. Contact us to know more.

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Our Services

At AIMS International Switzerland, we want to help you grow your leaders. We can support your talent review process, coach and develop individual leaders and high potentials and boost the performance of teams. Thanks to the support of our global Talent Management Practice, we are in a position to cover your needs in Switzerland, but also globally, with state-of-the-art solutions.

We support our clients in the development of their HR capabilities, by looking at HR’s strategy, tasks and processes, by facilitating and inducing cultural change and training key HR personnel and managers accordingly.



Our library of HR and Talent Management processes includes:
  • HR strategy development and HR-competencies definition
  • Change programs & company culture
  • Organisational structures
  • Job mapping and specifications
  • Competency frameworks and libraries
  • Design and implementation of performance management and reward systems
  • Recruitment process implementation and training

Sometimes companies face organisational change. This can be limited in order to address a specific issue or wider and with many implications, like in the case of a merger, an acquisition or an expansion into a new territory or market.

As a global group of hundreds of senior consultants, we have gathered experience in virtually every industry and every market in the world. In the course of the assignments we have executed for our clients, we have also been confronted with every possible organisational model and every function/role a company can have.

Finally, we have access to senior executives and experts worldwide. We are therefore in a good position, not only to find, assess and develop executives and teams, but also organisations and markets, gather information, propose new models and solutions and populate them with the right people.

The term outplacement refers to the professional and psychological support within the career reorientation of individuals facing job loss. Outplacement is usually paid for by the employer and is provided by independent and specialized consultants.

Historically, the term «Outplacement» appeared in the United States after the Second World War as a strategy to support former soldiers returning from service who were experiencing difficulties re-entering the labour market.

An outplacement program (or career transition program) can be set up because of insufficient/inadequate performance of certain employees or when a company has to cope with restructuring related to mergers or takeovers, or because it is simply no longer sufficiently competitive and downsizing measures have become unavoidable in order to ensure better efficiency and higher profitability.

It is never easy for an employer to have to dismiss one or more employees, which is why outplacement programs provided by external consultants can be a very valuable service for all parties involved and offer various benefits.

However, not all outplacement programs provide the same value. If the company invests in such a service, it is essential that everyone benefit from it. At AIMS International, we have developed a unique programme combining the resources of several specialists that can benefit all parts involved. You will find below:

  • The benefits for the employer (compliance with social responsibility standards, motivation of employees internally, promotion of the company’s image externally)
  • The benefits for the person concerned by the outplacement (rebounding and developing a new professional project in line with one’s skills and motivational factors)
  • The benefits of our approach (no confusion between the roles of coach and consultant, three experts working hand in hand with the outplacement candidate)

For the employer

  • An outplacement program allows the employer to meet the standards of social responsibility towards its employees.

In this way, employees are treated in a fair and ethical manner. This kind of service is at the very heart of sustainable human resources management and development. It is therefore important for the employer to not only successfully recruit and integrate new employees, but also to ensure their successful departure or exit.

  • It also allows the employer to protect his reputation both internally and externally.

Internally, employees who are not affected by dismissals can continue to be productive and motivated because they are aware that the company is managing the restructuring process fairly, i.e. in a caring, efficient and sustainable manner, while maintaining good relationships, and promoting communication and transparency with all its employees.

Externally, outplacement programmes strengthen the attractiveness and perceived social responsibility and exemplarity of companies. They also promote a positive image with various stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, suppliers, etc., as well as on social networks and the web in general.

For the person concerned by the outplacement program

  • Allows the person involved to rebound.

When we are made redundant, our need for security, inherent in every human being, is directly affected. It is therefore important that we find our bearings again in order to overcome the loss, to understand and accept the situation and return to a “less sinuous”, straighter path, with full awareness and knowledge of who we are, what we want and don’t want and thus be able to formulate a new professional project.

  • Offers a safe, non-judgmental and solution-oriented space.
  • Offers professional and psychological support to help the person go through all the stages of the transition and find the courage to see both the positive and negative aspects.
  • Increases self-confidence and positiveness through a better understanding of one’s personality, deepest aspirations, needs and value system.
  • Allows to enter a laboratory where the person can explore, develop their creativity, imagination, get out of their comfort zone and make choices that are more and more relevant and in tune with oneself.
  • Allows one to keep moving and provides direction.

Why work with AIMS International Switzerland?

We offer a unique outplacement service, resulting from the combination of three experts, working hand in hand to support the individual in developing a job search strategy that is in line with their personality, interests and core values.

  • An experienced coach, with a background in psychology, whose aim is to provide a space in which the person can feel listened to and reassured, as well as professional support on which they can rely to get through all the stages of the professional transition (overcoming the job loss / area of uncertainty / new beginning). First, one analyses their self-image and their projected image. Then, after a skills assessment, the person will become aware of their strengths and areas in need of development. After an analysis of their emotional and social skills, they will also be able to understand their emotional and relational patterns and recognise what obstacles may hinder them in their professional development and how to overcome them. The analysis of values and motivational drivers will enable the person to become aware of their basic needs and expectations in relation to their future job. Once there is clarity about the different aspects of their personality, interests and basic needs, they will be in a position to set realistic goals and make more responsible, sustainable, coherent and meaningful choices.
  • An Executive Search consultant with a thorough knowledge of the labour market, the various industries and the expectations of employers. They accompany the individual in the development of a job search strategy that includes the development of an individual action plan and the appropriate use of networking techniques. They are also in the best position to simulate a job interview with the person concerned and to give them relevant and concrete feedback on it. This practical information will enable the person to gain self-confidence, be prepared and have the right attitude during job interviews. They also accompany the person during contract negotiations and to prepare and debrief contacts with potential employers. They can also offer support when the person starts in their new position (onboarding).
  • An expert in the use and promotion on social networks, professional networks/portals and in self-marketing. They will provide all the advice and techniques to make the person visible, to increase their online presence and above all, to awaken the interest and curiosity of potential employers. They will support the person in the development and valorisation of an application file that takes into account his or her talents, singularity (personal brand) and added value.

We take on some of the most challenging search assignments for our clients, for example:
  • a local family textile business, over 100 years old, looking for a CTO to succeed its retired incumbent
  • a multinational automotive parts manufacturer, managed by a major private equity group, seeking a newly created global head of pricing with responsibility for over 30 brands, 10 plants and 50 countries  
  • a major industrial multinational company, requiring a globally coordinated search assignment for a new SCM to be based in different locations across three continents
Our expertise goes beyond search assignments, to collaboration with clients to build and grow their organisation, as per some of the following organisational development assignments:
  • setting up a new European passenger car import organisation from design to execution and hiring of their CEO and staff
  • developing and implementing a new Human Resources strategy for a semi-public organisation, striving to create a culture shift and upgrade its talent management while living by its values that they are so proud of to that day
  • assessing for development a diverse Pan-European leadership team for a major global pharmaceutical company  
  • designing a new performance management process for a trilingual Swiss subsidiary of a major international retail company with over 20 branches
  • evaluating jobs and benchmarking compensation of a top leadership team for a major start-up game industry changer, while managing the expectations of all internal parties involved  




AIMS International Switzerland’s Executive Search Services are tailored to the specific needs of each client. We combine local knowledge and and culture with global capabilities. All our consultants are senior executives with extensive line management experience who involve themselves deeply in every search and are supported by in-house research teams based in the different countries. This allows us to select the ideal team for you and develop a tailor-made search strategy for each assignment.






At AIMS International Switzerland, we are active members of our global organisation’s practice teams and very much involved in assignments with an international scope together with our colleagues from other countries. At the same time, we are able to work in all of Switzerland’s national languages and know about the cultural specificities of the different regions.






Your AIMS Consultant personally knows his colleagues around the globe and will be able to select the right individuals to cover your specific need. He will also know whom to draw upon for expert industry or functional knowledge and be able to support you in the definition of the profile and organisational setup where required.


It is only if we truly understand your business, that we can be successful. This is why our process includes an in-depth analysis of the position to cover that allows us to brief our teams efficiently, inform our candidates in a way that will attract them to the role, while simultaneously enhancing our client’s reputation and enabling our consultants to conduct structured and competency-based interviews for a better selection. Where required, this can be further reinforced by an assessment conducted by our in-house Psychologist.


Assessments can be a useful tool to complement the candidate evaluation by an external recruiter, confirm your choice in the selection of a candidate recruited directly or evaluate if an employee is fit for a new role within the company. While computerised tests have become the norm, there are some risks inherent to their use which can only be avoided if the results are debriefed and interpreted by a certified professional.

We conduct numerous assessments in conjunction with our own search assignments or to complement the work of internal or third-party recruiters. These are specifically adapted to the position requirements as defined by the client and often include an analysis of the candidate’s alignment with the company values and culture. Our assessment reports follow the client’s competency model for better readability. The results are also an excellent basis to orient the reference collection and a leadership instrument, allowing to identify areas to develop and possible sources of potential issues once the chosen candidate has started.

Catherine Librandi, our in-house psychologist and Member of our global Talent Management Practice, guarantees this. Thanks to her, we are able to evaluate the suitability of internal or external candidates for a position, be it as part of a search assignment carried out by us or as an independent third party. We are also able to develop and implement the right screening process for your wider recruitment needs.

Our Team

At AIMS International Switzerland, you can rest assured that we will take good care of your assignments: all of our consultants speak several languages and have held senior line management positions in renowned companies before joining us. They are thus better able to understand your specific situation. Apart from managing the client and candidate relationship, our consultants also personally handle the greater part of the research and conceptual work which ensures a better alignment with client needs. Thanks to the global reach of AIMS International, we are also able to draw on a worldwide network of experts in almost all industries, functions & markets.

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