As a member of the business community of a multilingual country, home to many global organizations and companies, AIMS International Switzerland has a long tradition of handling complex assignments, searching across multiple locations, and dealing with different cultures whilst maintaining close proximity with customers.

We are committed to serving our customers with the highest quality, positioning ourselves more as a business partner than as a consultant. Our aim is to provide solutions covering all levels in relation to talent management and development, enabling our clients to be more efficient, agile, and well-equipped in a VUCA environment. At AIMS, we understand the importance of having an approach that takes into account the issues related to sustainable development, not only of physical resources but also of the human ones. This is why we have integrated this aspect into all our processes, as we are convinced that we need to be sustainable and socially responsible from now on to be competitive. We have also understood that only a holistic and integrative reading of the company, i.e. one that takes into account all the organisational levels of the company, such as mission, vision & strategic goals, culture & values, can lead to the creation of processes and working methods that can be effective and lasting in the long term.

Our Team

In Switzerland, our team is diverse, and we have a specialist for each sector. We also speak every national language and have extensive knowledge about regional specificities. We always make a point to fully understand not only the position but also how the client’s company works and what their values are. We truly believe that we have to see the big picture in order to be able to select exactly the right candidate that will fit not only the role but also the company.  

Connected offices


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