Nadja is a Junior Consultant for the AIMS Switzerland team. She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and an Honours degree in History. Throughout her studies she worked part time for AIMS South Africa assisting in various tasks, as well as working for an events catering company which catered for various up-scale business functions. She recently spent several months in Switzerland for intensive training.


Growing up in a home with business-minded parents, of which one in the Executive Search industry, I was intrigued by the dynamic nature of business and love the fact that one will always be learning about new industries and meeting interesting people in the HR Consulting environment. This shaped my studies and sharpened my interest for international travel, leading me to visit many African and European countries.

Living amongst a large spectrum of cultures has definitely shaped my interests in art, social anthropology and languages. I went to a bilingual school which taught in both English and Afrikaans, only 2 of our 11 official languages, and I am currently learning French. In my free time I do yoga, spend time with my friends and family and my dog.

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