Zineb originally studied hotel management in Switzerland within a cosmopolitan environment comprising over 90 nationalities that has allowed her not only to acquire a global vision of business management strategies and operational concepts, but also to acquire an in-depth knowledge of cultural values and to expand her open-mindedness. After a first experience in the Human Resources Sector, she pursued a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurial Management in London, which enabled her to develop her soft skills, critical thinking, and business and communication skills. She stayed in London to work for a recognised hotel consortium, then in a Startup incubator in her hometown, Casablanca. Today in her mid-twenties and as an HR researcher, she wants to put to good use all the competences that she gained in her past experiences and continue progressing in the Human Resources Sector. She speaks fluent English, French and Arabic.


Born in Casablanca, I had the chance to pursue my studies in both Switzerland and London which allowed me to open myself, develop my soft skills and gain an international network. After a few work experiences in different sectors and industries, I decided to return to Morocco and pursue my career in the HR sector, which brought me to AIMS. Currently, my objective is to continue improving my professional skills and keep learning new things.

Apart from my work, I love reading fictions, traveling and cooking world food.