The six main economies in the Latin American region are Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and, Brazil. AIMS has a strong presence in all of these countries, with committed, experienced partners who have each been with the AIMS family for many years.

In the past, Latin American companies were strongly focused on financial, physical and corporate resources in their quest for success. However, in recent years there has been a shift and we see clear evidence that business leaders are insisting on strategic business models with an emphasis on human capital, including succession planning, leadership development and, performance processes.

Priorities for the region are focused on supporting inclusive growth through greater productivity and enhanced competitiveness. The emphasis is on investments aimed at education, health and other aspects of human capital.

HR Management in Latin America depends on the impact of changes in the socio-economic context. This requires a high degree of organisational flexibility and long-term strategic vision. The adoption of new technologies offers a path towards poverty reduction and could create a wave of higher productivity and growth throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

AIMS International understands that in order to positively influence organisational effectiveness, it is necessary to go beyond company structures, operational processes, and individual talent. Our Partners have a global understanding of business and how macro-economic factors impact human resource management. Our internal organisational structures are therefore geared towards supporting existing clients, together with investors and new entrants  in North, Central and South America.


Cecilia Diaz

Executive VP Americas

Juan Carlos Solano

VP Latin America