There are many reasons why managers and aspiring leaders may need to strengthen their leadership skills. Some may be driven by their own initiative while others are encouraged from within the organisation, typically by their direct supervisor or senior leadership in the company.

Commonly leadership training imparts valuable theoretical knowledge while offering only limited support for long-term behavioural change. At AIMS International we achieve maximum impact by tailoring our programmes to the individual’s needs within a specific environment. We focus on the individual’s future aspirations and plans before reconciling these personal objectives with the organisation’s purpose and goals.

Beginning with an accurate analysis of circumstances, we typically recommend an initial Leadership Assessment and then formulate several general objectives, which will be refined throughout the process.

Thereafter, individual sessions are conducted around key issues and themes. The meetings are a combination of coaching and goal setting sessions aimed at planning concrete steps to be taken together with the individual’s own developmental work in everyday life.

AIMS Executive Coaches are all senior consultants, many with significant line management experience in their professional past. In the course of their careers, they have been in contact with a wide variety of organisational structures and cultures, management styles and business situations. They are able to walk the tightrope between professional and personal coaching and are well-versed in the current challenges that leaders face.

The programmes are conducted with the assurance of strict confidentiality.