A mistake in executive search is a costly one. Our rigorous assessment process has resulted in a zero-candidate failure rate! We are the only Executive Search firm who provide six months executive onboarding coaching to every successful candidate.​


We have extensive experience in finding high quality executives for our clients across multiple functions in different industries including Consumer Goods, Media, Life Sciences, Professional Services, and Bio-energy.


We are proud of our zero candidate failure rate. We combine a rigorous assessment process with a six month executive onboarding coaching programme for successful candidates.

Our Services



AIMS International Ireland has significant experience in finding directors and senior managers for clients across multiple functions and industries. 


Our unique high quality service includes:

  • High quality candidate shortlists
  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Participation in client shortlist interviews
  • 6 months On boarding Executive Coaching


We help our clients to grow their leaders. We know how important it is to identify high potential leaders within your business, to develop them to their full potential, for future succession planning. 

We are accredited by the British Psychological Society, and we deliver a variety of executive coaching programmes including:

  • Leadership Development,
  • Onboarding
  • Career Coaching

We can provide an extensive range of assessments depending on your requirements to grow your leaders.

Directors and Senior managers are presented with constant challenges from multiple directions while trying to manage businesses and people sometimes in an environment of isolation. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought even more challenges to business leaders as they need additional support to manage and engage their teams through unpredictable times in a new environment of remote working.

More and more people are using Executive Coaches – In fact, many of the best business leaders engage Executive Coaches. Executive coaching provides a confidential forum where issues, goals and objectives can be explored in a safe environment to improve personal effectiveness.
By opening up to a process of transformation, everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our clients have discovered that having the support of an Executive Coach can help them acquire different perspectives to release their potential to improve their personal effectiveness in terms of managing business and team performance as well as strengthen their emotional resilience.
Our Executive Coaching programmes are tailored to real-life business and personal situations, including managing and coping with change and onboarding into new positions either from an internal promotion or from an external appointment.
Behaviour change takes time and as a result, programme durations vary depending on individual client requirements. Typically, our coaching programmes last for at least 6 months and include a DISC Workplace Personality Profile which helps individuals better understand themselves and others.


Our highly successful outplacement career coaching programme is completely different to traditional outplacement programmes in the market. We provide highly customised and tailored support to each Executive based on their own individual needs to help them conduct an effective professional job search campaign.

We work with organisations and individuals to tailor structured programme appropriate for the needs of each individual to ensure they secure their next position as fast as possible. 

Our outplacement career coaching programme also includes 6 months onboarding Executive Coaching for when the Executive secures their new position. This helps embed and secure the success of the new relationship. The first six months of any new position are critical. The hiring company will be looking to see evidence of added value from their new recruit and the Executive will need to feel that he/she has made the right career decision. 

Our outplacement career coaching service includes:

  • Skills and competency assessment including Psychometric assessment (SHL and DiSC)
  • Curriculum Vitae and LinkedIn profile preparation
  • Development of a comprehensive Achievements Profile Document
  • Development of a Job Search Marketing Plan
  • Effective networking
  • Engaging effectively with Executive Search Consultants
  • Mock Interviews tailored to specific positions
  • Job contract and salary negotiation
  • Onboarding Executive Coaching


For more information please contact:

Ken McIntyre-Barn on +353 86 807 4211 or E-mail: [email protected] 

or visit our website at https://aimsinternational.com/en/company/aims-ireland/

How we work​

Critical to the success of any search is the ability to fully understand an organisation, its structure and culture and the position that is being recruited for. This enables us to understand a client’s current and future talent needs, as well as to identify the best shortlist of candidates that will flourish in the business. It also helps us identify any potential in-house leadership development needs. 

Rigorous Candidate Assessment

Recruiting the wrong executive can be a costly mistake and this is why we are focussed on identifying the best candidates for our clients’ businesses. We work in partnership together, often for long periods of time on executive search projects as well as delivering leadership development programmes to executives and managers across our clients business units and business functions. 

Six months on-boarding

*For every successful candidate that AIMS International Ireland places, they receive a six month confidential onboarding coaching programme. This coupled with our rigorous candidate assessment is why we have achieved a 100% candidate success rate in Executive Search. 


Despite COVID-19, we have identified a number of opportunities for businesses and continue to devise new service offerings to support our clients through this transitional time. These include free expert-led skills development webinars such as our recent networking skills webinar with Kingsley Aikins and webinar on the DiSC Everything personality tool. You can watch the recent DiSC webinar here.

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Listen to Ken McIntrye-Barn, Managing Partner of AIMS International Ireland, discuss the key focus of the firm alongside a selection of our recent insights below.



As well as the recent webinar on Everything DiSC personality tool available here, you can find out more in the YouTube video below.

Psychometric assessment is an important part of a robust selection process in order to make effective executive recruitment decisions. They help companies understand and measure criteria that make people successful at work and objectively identify best fit candidates for positions.We are accredited by the British Psychological Society, SHL and DISC and can provide an extensive range of assessments depending on client requirements.


SHL is the global leader in talent innovation for over 40 Years. Their mission is to empower organisations to make confident, data driven people decisions when it matters most. SHL’s psychometric and algorithmic assessments are valid, job-related tools that clearly map to specific business needs and outcomes. With deep workforce insights from their world-leading complex people science, benchmark data, analytics and deep expertise, SHL solutions can help organisations unlock productivity by transforming the way they recruit, manage and develop talent.


DiSC is a personality assessment and a very simple and memorable model made up of four basic styles: D, i, S, and C. This research-validated model helps individuals understand themselves and others, saving time, energy, and money. Better employee communication means efficiency on both individual and company levels. Everyone is a blend of all four DiSC styles—usually one, two, or even three styles stand out. Unlike simple personality tests, there is no perfect DiSC style. Since each person has a unique behavioural profile, people are walking around all over the world with different styles and priorities. We believe that these differences are extremely valuable.


Once you assess these differences and harness their value, you’ll have better workplace communication AND healthier organisations.



AIMS International Ireland is here to help you to find, attract and retain exceptional talent for your business and to support its future success. Find out what people say about our services below.


Aidan Grogan

Head of Group HR & OD at CIE

Ken provides an excellent comprehensive end to end recruitment service from initial OD and scoping of roles to executive search, selection, recruitment, on-boarding and includes post appointment leadership coaching. I found Ken’s personal and engaging approach to be a real asset in securing the best talent in both internal and external search processes


Paul Candon

CEO United Hardware 

Ken has provided Executive Coaching to some of my Leadership Team which has had a very positive impact on their performance, self awareness, cross functional relationships and overall effectiveness. He is very effective at tailoring his approach and interventions to suit each individual and equip them with useful techniques to work through challenges. Ken has a deep understanding of people and why they behave as they do. The individuals he has worked with are very pleased with the outcomes and as a result I would be pleased to recommend Ken and the services he provides.


Tara Moran

Head Of Partnerships and Digital Innovation

Virgin Media Television

I completed the 6 month onboarding executive coaching programme with Ken and found the process exceptionally helpful as I transitioned into a new role in a new company. Ken’s experience in the industry was an invaluable resource and his mentorship throughout my first six months really helped me to focus on the important things to get right during that onboarding process. I would be happy to recommend the programme to anyone in a similar position.


Michael Cullen​

Commercial Director, Kerry Foods

“In my role as Commercial Director at Kerry Foods, Ken partnered with me to build an industry leading sales team and an ongoing partnership that delivered a very high return on investment. Firstly, Ken took the time to understand our organisation, our current team members and our culture and then clearly defined the profile of new team members that would best fit our needs.

Through his executive search formula, Ken identified high performing people who were not even contemplating a career change and attracted them to our organisation. Ken’s approach is holistic, staying with the candidate throughout the recruitment and onboarding process from initial contact to coaching them for 6 months after they joined the company. This unique approach delivered a high performing team and we achieved 100% retention rate in our time working together.

From a recruitment process point of view Ken leaves nothing to chance, from understanding the company culture and needs to putting the candidate through a rigorous selection process whilst maintaining a strong relationship with the candidate, making the experience as painless as possible for all concerned. Ken also played a role in our team re-organisations over a number of years and was always on hand to offer insights and advice.”


Ronnie Brennan

Sales Director, Bunzl Irish Merchants

I found the coaching sessions with you invaluable as I moved into my new role as Sales Director at Bunzl Irish Merchants. Working with you gave me a different way of thinking & insight of what was required as I moved from selling to customers myself to Directing Sales with our various Sales Teams. The advice and confidence that you gave to me has really helped me to progress in a very positive way in a short period of time of how to get the best value out of our Sales Teams. Examples, Re-structuring Teams to suit the business, Journey Planning, Call Objectives, target setting / KPI’s- what gets measured gets done. Working closely with other Departments in the business so collectively we can be successful. I look forward to doing a few more sessions with you as we move into 2021.

Our Team

Ken McIntyre Barn brings a unique and superior experience to clients in their quest to find high quality senior executives. He has proven expertise in helping clients find outstanding people who will add significant value to their businesses. Ken’s advises clients across a range of industries and has successfully searched for senior executives for organisations in the Consumer Goods,Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical, Media, Connected Entertainment, Fuels, Bioenergy and Consulting industries. 

AIMS International is one of the largest executive search and leadership development firms with 90 offices in over 60 countries across EMEA, The Americas and Asia Pacific. We maintain close working relationships with our partner offices. This enables us to offer our clients a truly global service. Find out more about our sector experience here.

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