The key to the success of all companies is the grooming of leaders and key personnel. This process involves finding the right talent and attracting worthy candidates before introducing them to the institution, while assessing and developing existing clients and promoting the most suitable leaders to critical positions. To achieve the best results, optimal processes are required, together with the courage and conviction to define and monitor company-specific hallmarks of accomplishment. In addition, it is important to take advantage of the wealth of general knowledge available within the field.

It is essential to maintain a goal-driven flow in Talent Support, in  proportion to both internal and external resources. Making use of existing potential, the company develops employees in an appropriate manner ahead of recruiting external key talent. 

AIMS International offers extensive know-how in both finding the “right” external talent , in the shape of leaders and business-critical specialists, as well as in identifying and developing key persons that already exist within the customer’s company. In other words, we “Find & Grow your Leaders”.

The process of “growing” leaders is often referred to as Talent Management.

Within the area of Talent Management, we design and manage Assessments and Growth Programmes to serve the needs of both individuals and teams. We use an On-boarding Programme and tailor our efforts towards making the Talent Management processes more effective and results-orientated. Our overall focus is to help leaders and leadership groups to fulfil their potential in relation to the business targets and areas of responsibilities that they are involved in. Finally, we help to create an organisational framework to map, measure and reward behaviour.