Operating in a multilingual country, filled with headquarters and satellite offices of global organisations and companies, AIMS International Belgium’s added value lies not only in the Executive Search, spanning multiple locations and different cultures due to our vast international network, but also in Talent Development for leaders, teams and organisations. Not only do we help you build the best team, we also offer an outside look at your operations, can help improve productivity and reduce costs by optimising your processes. On top of that, we also operate in close proximity with our clients due to a deep understanding of the local identity.

Our Services

While numerous digital tools suggest that finding talent is a walk in the park, the true challenge lies in finding the ones that match with your organisation and identify with your company culture. Searching for soft skills is something computers are not very good at, even though demand for the right set of soft skills is on the rise.


AIMS International helps you define the right capabilities for a certain position, finds potential candidates (locally or worldwide if needed, by leveraging our international network) and recommends those that match with your company culture.

We do this thanks to our tried and tested direct search method, developed over the years and have our leadership network to thank for it. We recommend suitable 

candidates who would otherwise not find your job offer, and properly assess the ones who did. This will not only help you save time, but think of the resources it could save by hiring candidates who contribute to the long-term goals of your organisation.

Identifying and growing high potentials has two main goals: securing the future of your company by helping future leaders achieve their full potential and increasing loyalty to your organisation. Your high potentials get noticed by your competitors, and will be presented with tempting offers on a regular basis. By nurturing and developing your future leaders, they are more likely to stay on board for the long-term.

Identifying leaders

We assist you by offering personal assessments and identifying the specific skillset needed for your future leaders. Once we have mapped out the skills needed, we help develop or finetune them in one-to-one coaching sessions. By combining this personalised assessment with tailor-made coaching, we offer the best solution for managing your talent.

Leadership teams face multiple challenges: multi-cultural customs, increased business complexity, and, especially due to the rapid evolutions caused by the pandemic, remote work with limited opportunities to meet. In order to manage a successful, high-performing team, it has to be built on the right foundations.



We assist you in defining the right program for your team, taking your company’s guidelines and specificities into account. We offer flexible, fully-customised programs, in a variety of ways, including one on a 100% remote basis.


According to the needs, we find a suitable approach – one of which is rooted in Patrick Lencioni’s patented concept (the 5 dysfunctions of a team) which will help leadership teams go beyond the phase of “collaborating” to become a high-performing and -achieving team.


Globalisation, digitalisation and more recently, the global pandemic have changed the way most companies do business. Expectations of companies have changed, but it is crucial to concretely materialise what these new expectations are, assess the impact of these changes on core competencies and help your talents adjust to the new normal.


Changing expectations

Our consultant teams and experience in Talent Management can support you in:


  • Analysing and reshaping key competencies; setting up both team and individual expectations,
  • Team assessment; examining what expectations are met and which ones need further development,
  • Coaching members to help them meet expectations and develop their capabilities.

Our Team

Our team consists of experts with in-depth knowledge of companies operating at a global level. Thanks to the combination of fluency in several languages and in-field experience at renowned companies, we not only understand your business but the challenges and bottlenecks you face.

We centralise our research efforts, so we only recommend the most suitable candidates, all while maintaining the client-candidate relationship. Due to our global AIMS International network, we can reach out to experts in almost any industry, function or market. Thanks to our central location in Western Europe, we operate in close proximity to our neighbouring offices in the Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK.

Local offices

AIMS International Belgium
Polderken 23, Kasterlee, 2460, Belgium

[email protected]
+32 14 39 74 70

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