Unlocking Global Opportunities with AIMS Platform

AIMS Platform (formerly Plateforme France) is the association of five countries (France, Belgium, Morocco and Switzerland/Austria) that have merged their operations and systems, creating a coherent unit within the wider framework of AIMS International. The benefits of this cooperation for our national and international clients lie mainly in the ability of AIMS Platform to build bridges to and from the French-speaking territories, but also with German, Flemish/Dutch, Arabic and many other languages, and thus support our European clients in their international expansion.  AIMS Platform is also the Gateway to North Africa and extensive nearshoring possibilities thanks to our team based in Casablanca.

This larger group of people working closely together is able to provide the best support to clients operating in complex multicultural environments.

With 12 experienced consultants and 6 support staff bringing a wealth of experience in a wide range of industries as well as offices in Belgium, France, Morocco and Switzerland, as well as Austria, our team is uniquely positioned to deliver pan-European research services and help you navigate the complexities of international expansion. And with fluency in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Swiss German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Arabic, we can bridge language barriers and cultural gaps to ensure your success.

At AIMS Platform, our focus is on quality and sustainability. We want to be more than just a bridge to cross borders – we want to help access European and global talent, build lasting relationships and thrive in your new environment. Trust us to be your guide and partner in your global journey.

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Our Services:

  • Executive Search
  • Internal & external candidate selection support
  • Career development & transition
  • Culture, diversity, sustainability
  • Talent & leadership development
  • Development & implementation of talent management & HR Processes
  • Organisational & business development

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Discover our team below:

Karim Ahniche, Managing Partner

Grégoire Depeursinge, Managing Partner

Olivier Legrand, Managing Partner

Catherine Librandi, Managing Partner

Nicolas J. Rogier, Managing Partner

Peter Gasteiger, Partner

Gabriel Camus, Senior Consultant

Arnaud Tribout, Senior Consultant

Martine van Esser, Senior Consultant

Sanaa Morjane, Consultant

Nadja Pentz, Consultant

Amina Oudghiri Jabbari, Consultant

Zineb Krafess, Researcher

Chaymae Driouch, Marketing & Communications Specialist

Anastassia Pomazan, Project Manager

Marloes Frei, Office Assistant

Anne Wiernsperger, Office Assistant

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