To make a leadership group function in the most optimal way is crucial to the success of most organisations. But teams composed of strong personalities may face issues when trying to function efficiently. There are also circumstances where new teams are suddenly formed, for example after a merger or an acquisition, and need to quickly find a balance.

At AIMS International, our objective is not to pinpoint individuals as the cause for suboptimal collaboration, but rather to enable the team as a whole to improve their cooperation and work towards common goals thanks to an increased consciousness of the emotional drivers and personalities at play within the team. Our programmes will thus seek to balance individual, team and organisational goals.

A Team Growth Programme begins with a thorough analysis of the current situation and a formulation of the general objectives (those will be refined throughout the process). We meet the team, discuss their situation and perceived issues and challenges, their present ways of dealing with problems and working together. Another important step in this analysis of the current situation is to conduct individual leadership assessments and a team assessment. Those will give us a clear view of the group’s dynamics, interactions and rules of collaboration.

Thereafter, the development work takes place both in workshops with the whole group and individual coaching sessions as needed.

The first workshops typically focus on the composition of the team – i.e. which abilities are well represented, and which are less represented, and the consequences of this, as well as the identification of possible ways to handle them.

The second workshop normally focuses on the team’s organisation and the formulation of possible rules of engagement, goals, processes, structure and support needs.

The AIMS consultant(s) function as facilitators.