“The Automotive Industry is making its revolution striving for long term sustainability, adjusting to consumers changing needs, leveraging digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence to improve services, processes so in the end … businesses.

More than ever organisations will need to be agile, to develop talents and to attract new ones bringing in the new competencies that will help to make this revolution complete and successful.

AIMS International Automotive & Mobility Global team understands where the industry stands and where it is heading, in every region of the world,  and is the ideal partner to find and develop your talents … globally.


With skilled and experienced consultants across our regions, we deliver exceptional search-expertise within a broad array of functions across the following automotive sectors:

  • OEMs of trucks, buses and other commercial and specialised vehicles
  • Automotive parts manufacturers and Tier 1, 2, 3 suppliers
  • The independent aftermarket
  • Automotive industry service providers
  • Automotive retail networks and dealerships
  • Private equity investors in automotive industries

The Automotive industry sector is experiencing significant changes and with that new challenges arise. The conjunction and transformation of formerly divergent technologies, together with new market requirements and consumer expectations, is compounded by cost pressure, tight margins, ongoing union activities and environmental regulations. In this scenario, the increasing “war for talents,” right up to the top-executive level, demands a truly global business approach and a distinct knowledge of the different industries within the automotive sphere.


AIMS International’s Automotive & Mobility Practice Group is strategically positioned to serve the entire spectrum of automobile businesses. We support and cover the clients future needs by looking beyond the confinement of leadership and succession planning. Each member of our practice group has deep industry insight and incomparable access to executive talent. With an international mindset, a global profile and vital expert knowledge, they have the vast experience and specialised skills to identify leaders of exceptional quality.


The practice group offers its services with a global reach, partnering with the clients business in both industrialised and emerging countries. We are located in more than 80 offices across EMEA, ASIA PACIFIC and the AMERICAS. AIMS International has developed advanced internal capabilities to confront the challenges of the automotive industry, while solving its management recruitment needs on a global scale. Our team encourages and rewards collaboration and works closely with other practice groups across our organisation. This helps to ensure that sector-specific knowledge is transformed to meet evolving market challenges and the ongoing needs of our clients.


AIMS International’s Automotive & Mobility Practice Team addresses high-class executive search and talent management needs along the entire value chain of automotive industries – from OEM brands, suppliers and retail organisations to independent aftermarket players, extending across technology borders, including connectivity and alternative powertrain systems with electric drive and fuel cell technology.


Whether you are an automotive client, looking for a retained Executive Search and Talent Management partner or an executive facing new career challenges, you are invited to talk to the consultant of your choice in our Automotive & Mobility Practice Team.


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