Grégoire comes originally from the Automotive Industry and has held executive positions such as CEO, Director of Procurement & Logistics, Marketing Director, etc. in various European countries. He has studied Marketing and holds an MBA of the renowned Swiss Institute for Management Development (IMD).

Besides serving his traditional clients in the Automotive industry, he has gradually built up new competencies. Today, Grégoire leads AIMS International’s Industrial Practice and is a Member of its Life Science and Automotive Practices. He also served on AIMS International’s Executive Board from 2012 to 2022 and was in charge of the Western Europe region.

Together with his Swiss team and with the full resources of AIMS International’s global organisation at his disposal, Grégoire has positioned AIMS International Switzerland as an innovative and well-differentiated player in HR-Consulting. His personal strength lies in his capacity to quickly grasp the business needs of our clients and propose new solutions.

Grégoire is fluent in French, German, English, Spanish, Italian and has a good level in Dutch and Russian.

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Born in Lausanne, in the French speaking part of Switzerland, I was raised bilingual French/German and later lived in Zurich for over 10 years. I feel equally at home everywhere in Switzerland. Having married an Italian and lived in Spain for several years, I have also embraced the language and culture of both these countries and am now fluent in five languages. The source of my energy is the need to be challenged, to learn and create new things every day. Presently, I am working to improve my Dutch and learning Russian. My other passions are reading, writing, cooking, travelling, monoskiing and cars.

I now live in Fribourg with my wife Catherine, who is also in the business, and our children Bérénice, Romain and Matthieu.

What I love about executive search and HR-consulting is the opportunity to meet passionate people and learn about new businesses and industries every day, participating in their world and tackling their challenges with them.



On the professional side, I notably:

  • in my first job, invented a process to convert obsolete products into popular components, saving my company hundreds of thousands of francs
  • launched an online autoparts platform in the 90ies, when it was still unclear if the Internet would make it. The algorithm I developed for the parts identification is still used today and the platform handles sales of several hundred million euros.
  • moved to Madrid as General Manager of a local company with branches all over Spain without knowing the language and gave a press conference in Spanish one week after my arrival
  • designed a totally new and potentially disruptive business model for our Swiss clients, especially start-ups and SME's, that combines responsiveness, flexibility and speed with the service level one expects from a first rate international HR-Consultancy


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