Arnaud comes from the industry where he worked for 25 years in production and purchasing in various multinational food and packaging companies in France and Belgium. He quickly developed a passion for the human element and the richness brought by the variety of cultures and profiles within an organisation. Recruiting, training and developing teams is one of his natural talents. In 2019 he became a professional coach and started his own consulting business with missions in Purchasing and Human Resources. What motivates him: to release human potential by mobilising technical skills and personal aptitudes for the benefit of performance.

In 2021 he joined AIMS International as a Senior Consultant in charge of recruitment and talent management. He brings his industrial and international culture, his pragmatism and his coaching skills. 

His strength: his ability to listen to and question the client’s needs in order to help them find new options adapted to their situation and corporate culture.


I lived for a long time in metropolitan areas (Paris, Brussels) and worked in large companies in management and executive positions. I enjoyed this period of enriching experiences, while at the same time feeling deep down that one day I would move towards an activity more in line with my values. 
It was when our three children were able to stand on their own two feet that I took the opportunity to change my life, my job and my environment. I moved to the Ardèche with my wife. The wide open spaces, the beauty of nature and the outdoor activities bring us energy and balance in our lives. At the same time, I enriched my natural abilities as a manager-coach by training in individual and team coaching as well as in co-development. Then I launched my own company.

Three years later I joined AIMS International, which brings together everything that is important to me: an activity centred on people, an international team that values networking, the richness of exchanges with clients, the challenge of recruitment and talent management missions.

My profile? 

On one side: An engineer with the ability to be demanding, structured and efficient. I am at ease in the industrial world. I like concrete things and action.

On the other hand: a Consultant and Coach with qualities of adaptation, openness and communication. I am at ease with change. I like to discover new environments, new activities, meet different people, learn about other cultures.

This is what I am passionate about in life and what inspires me daily at AIMS International.

I have other commitments that are close to my heart: coach in the association "60'000 Rebonds” which helps entrepreneurs to bounce back after a judicial liquidation and trainer for the engineering school Centrale-Supélec. I love helping entrepreneurs and students to become aware of what is important to them and to become an actor in their own lives.  

Several times a week I practice whitewater kayaking and I also play the saxophone in a band. What do these two passions have in common? Probably the power of the group, the harmony and the pleasure of the performance. I would also say a solid base of technical skills and an ability to adapt to any situation to get the best out of it. Perhaps this has something to do with my involvement with AIMS International?

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