AIMS International Lithuania is a Retained Executive Search excellence driven company. We measure our own success based on the achievements and success of the leaders and talent brought to our clients’ organisations, in the belief that our purpose is to be a value-added Executive Search (and Find!) company.

We are renowned as a company delivering results in projects of utmost difficulty. Our main focus lies on Executive Search assignments for C-level, Senior-level management and Board positions. If there are candidates in the market – we will find them: that’s our promise to our clients, ranging in size from the largest corporations to emerging growth companies.

AIMS International Lithuania strives not to be associated with high-speed headhunting, but rather, to a professional and systematic Executive Search for the best candidates catering the needs of each individual client. We believe that an organisation is only as great as those who lead it and as an extension of your management team, we identify and deliver executives who will make an immediate impact on your business.

We maintain open dialogue not only with our client companies but also candidates throughout the assignment, ensuring expectations are met on both sides and ensuring a smooth transition through the final selection and offer stages. We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions – that’s how we assure the fulfilment of our commitments to both interested sides. Our clients and candidates are our primary concern. We are only successful when they are.

Our Services

Continuously increasing number of clients is getting harder and harder to find candidates with the right set of skills. The success and future of each business in question may stand or fall on the difference between just finding a person versus finding the Right person for the role.
Our Executive Search consultants are professionals in finding the best-suited candidates for CEO, top-management Executive, senior manager as well as business-critical specialist roles through a thorough and discreet Executive Search service process.

We do everything in our power to help our clients achieve their business goals. Each Executive Search services assignment is unique in its requirements and solutions. We go the extra mile in analyzing your specific business situation and needs, identifying the best-suited candidates in the market and reaching out to the most suitable people for your specific assignment.

As a global group of hundreds of Executive Search professionals, we have gathered experience in virtually every industry and every market in the world. We have encountered all possible organizational models and all functions/roles within the company in our clients assignments.

Moreover, we have access to Senior Executives and experts worldwide. We are therefore in a good position, not only to find, assess and develop Executives and Teams, but also organizations and markets, gather information, propose new models and solutions and fill them with the right people.

Talent mapping is a service for companies that want to make sure they are up-to-date on the talent available in their market, and various functions. A clear overview of the market, the quest to find out who is available on the market at any moment. We can contact potential candidates and fill job vacancies very quickly if the client needs them. We will do research – identify, approach and interview potential candidates on the industries and functions of the client’s interest.

Having a strong, forward-looking, diverse and effective board is critical to the success of any organization. We help our clients find the most suitable board members to achieve the organization’s goals.

This is an assessment of an individual’s capabilities and potential to succeed in a specific task or special role. Knowledge about the strengths, development needs and potential of individual key persons and management teams can make a huge difference to the company in question and the future success of those individuals and teams. Talent assessments provide neutral and enhanced decision-making data that can be used for change management and planned development initiatives. The assessment is based on an in-depth understanding of the requirements of the task/role, as well as mapping and evaluating the individual’s experience, knowledge, incentives, personal attributes, motivation, potential and cognitive proficiencies.

Succession planning is a key component of leadership and human resources planning. It involves an integrated, systematic strategy for identifying, developing and retaining skilled and talented leaders and employees in alignment with future business goals.

In our succession planning process, we support our clients through long-term plans and by identifying the positions that are especially critical when it comes to achieving current and future business goals. We then identify which key persons are interested in and have the potential to fill these positions and where the client needs to plan for external recruitments.

Sometimes new businesses and those looking to grow can find themselves stuck and out of ideas. They may lack additional resources, skills or strategy to bring more growth and success to your business. In such a situation, a business coach or mentor can bring some coherence to your plans. They can help you find your business’s strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, these professionals are best suited to helping you translate your ambitions into workable strategies. These strategies can help bring the positive changes you need to your business.

Outplacement assistance is a career program for terminated and laid-off employees that helps them with writing resumes, preparing for interviews, networking, navigating job boards and other tactics necessary to land a job.

Interim management is the provision of effective business solutions by an independent, board or near-board level manager or executive, over a finite time span. Such complex solutions may include change, transformation and turnaround management, business improvement, crisis management, and strategy development. Interim management service is designed for businesses that need to hire the best senior executives available for a short-term or long-term period. We deliver exceptional levels of professionalism and insights serving in critical business issues within the organization.

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