Initially established in 2004, Mode HR became part of AIMS International in 2008. Our aim is to provide Retained Executive Search and Talent Management Services through a visionary and consultative process that anticipates organizational issues and develops comprehensive solutions. Our main objective is to provide a high quality and fully integrated service in Retained Executive Search and Talent Management in all parts of the world where our clients operate.


Kevin Wallis, Managing Partner of AIMS International Australia has been an Executive Search & People Consultant since August 1994. Over the past 20 years Kevin has worked with a wide range of public and private business entities providing human resource related services in the areas of executive coaching, executive search and general human resource management.

Kevin and a dedicated team of Consultants work to search and select highly qualified candidates for their clients. The AIMS International Australia team consists of Haylee Mander Executive Assistant, Carol Langlands Head of Accounts and Chantelle Semlitzky Associate Research Consultant.

AIMS Australia also offer comprehensive executive leadership programs to coach and develop high-potential managers. We pride ourselves on being client-centric and delivering outstanding results.

Our Services

Assessments can be a useful tool to complement the candidate evaluation by an external recruiter, confirm your choice in the selection of a candidate recruited directly or evaluate if an employee is fit for a new role within your company. Our online assessment allow us to evaluate the suitability of internal and external candidates for a position, be it a part of a search assignment carried out by us or as an independent third party. We are also able to develop and implement the right screening process for your wider recruitment needs.

We support our clients in the development of their HR capabilities, by looking at HR’s strategy, tasks and processes, by facilitating and inducing cultural change and training key HR personnel and managers accordingly.


Our library of HR and Talent Management processes includes:


  • HR strategy development and HR-competencies definition
  • Change programs & company culture
  • Organisational structures
  • Job mapping and specifications
  • Competency frameworks and libraries
  • Design and implementation of performance management and reward systems
  • Recruitment process implementation and training

Sometimes companies face organisational change. This can be limited in order to address a specific issue or wider and with many implications, like in the case of a merger, an acquisition or an expansion into a new territory or market.


As a global group of hundreds of Senior Consultants, we have gathered experience in virtually every industry and every market in the world. In the course of the assignments we have executed for our clients, we have also been confronted with every possible organisational model and every function/role a company can have.


Finally, we have access to Senior Executives and experts worldwide. We are therefore in a good position, not only to find, assess and develop Executives and Teams, but also organisations and markets, gather information, propose new models and solutions and populate them with the right people.



AIMS International Australia’s Executive Search Services are tailored to the specific needs of each client. We combine local knowledge and culture with global capabilities. Our Consultants are Senior Executives with extensive line management experience who involve themselves deeply in every search. This allows us to select the ideal team for you and develop a tailor-made search strategy for each assignment.
At AIMS International Australia, we are active members of our global organisation’s practice teams and very much involved in assignments with an international scope together with our colleagues from other countries. 
Your AIMS Australia Consultant’s personally knows their colleagues around the globe and will be able to select the right individuals to cover your specific need. They will also know whom to draw upon for expert industry or functional knowledge and be able to support you in the definition of the profile and organisational setup where required.
It is only if we truly understand your business, that we can be successful. This is why our process includes an in-depth analysis of the position that allows us to brief our team efficiently, inform our candidates in a way that will attract them to the role, while simultaneously enhancing our client’s reputation and enabling our consultants to conduct structured and competency-based interviews for a better selection. Where required, this can be further reinforced by an online assessment.

Our Team

At AIMS International Executive Search we have an extremely professional and well-qualified team of Consultants and Researchers all of whom have personal experiences of working in the business sectors upon which they focus. 

Local offices

AIMS International Australia
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