AIMS Peru started operations in Lima, Perú, in 2010. Since then, more than 150 clients have selected our firm as their Executive Search and Talent Management partner.

We are generalists, catering all industries but strongly focused on searching higher, “C” level positions, and board members. Our process includes an extension of most traditional search firms’ processes, with our exclusive “Onboarding Kickoff”® and “Premium Sign Off”® final steps.

By performing this first exclusive step, we minimize risks in the winning candidate’s integration stage and when performing the second one, we gain the confidence and gratitude of the remaining candidates, who feel they are treated respectfully and with special considerations like no other executive search firm does.

Our Services

Our Team

Our Managing Partner is Armando Cavero, who has 15 years of presence and experience in the Peruvian Executive Search industry. Mr. Cavero has been in throughout his executive career, Solutions Vice President for Latin America in NCR Corporation and CEO in Perú for Fortune 500 firms like NCR, AT&T, Oracle and Compaq.

AIMS Perú has an experienced team supporting Mr. Cavero; 6 research members and associates compose AIMS Perú's efficient back office, delivering quality results on time.

Local offices

AIMS International Peru
AIMS International Perú​ Av, Monte Rosa 255, Piso 4 ​ ​Chacarilla del Estanque Santiago de Surco Lima 33 Perú

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