Since opening our first office in Cape Town, South Africa in 2005, AIMS has concluded searches for senior executives in 24 countries within the Middle East Africa (MEA) region, while assisting many foreign investors and start-ups with strategic HR services and support.

With experienced partners and offices in key cities, AIMS boasts an impressive network, distinguished by high levels of expertise, throughout this vast region. Our consultants are active within practice groups across all of the main industries of strategic importance to MEA, including Energy and other Natural Resources, Industrial operations and Consumer business.

We assist emerging local business leaders and investors to adopt best practices, with the unequalled experience and systemic knowledge we have gained in mature markets. At the same time we deploy our knowledge of the conditions in emerging markets in support of international clients who wish to enter the regional market or to develop industrial capabilities in the area.

The various subregions within MEA each face their own unique challenges. Business in the Middle East North Africa region is confronted by various unfavourable factors, notably oil production constraints, fiscal pressures and security issues. However, countries like Morocco and Tunisia are bound to exceed – and in some cases far outstrip – the average regional growth percentage in the next few years. Recent reforms to attract foreign investment have paid off and are bound to continue stimulating growth in the medium term. At the same time, investment in automotive and agricultural ventures, as well as stakes in production sites owned by multinational companies, are changing the face of employment in the area. Although unemployment rates remain high, the demand for skilled and professional level workers is creating a competitive environment, which stimulates an increase in expected salaries.

For investors into Egypt, the renewed vitality in business confidence, together with lower unemployment levels, is re-creating a talent-competitive environment.

In Sub-Saharan Africa – where South Africa and Nigeria remain the main economies – various factors have led to improved GDP output, including higher commodity prices and a healthy global economy. However, infrastructure enhancement and private sector expansion are both needed to ensure continued improvement in this outcome. With Africa boasting four of the top ten fastest-growing cities in the world, there are vast opportunities in consumer sales driven by exponential population growth where more than half the inhabitants are under the age of 25. It follows that the workforce in Africa is poised to make a sizeable contribution to productivity in the years to come. Strategic investment into key markets in the region can achieve phenomenal growth, with countries like Ethiopia and Ivory Coast currently leading in the GDP growth race. Finally, investment from Asia is a significant factor with a key role in generating a positive outlook.

In all of these markets, it is increasingly important to secure an efficient executive search and leadership development partner, one with in-depth local experience, access to international market intelligence and the latest know-how in state-of-the-art HR systems and processes. These capabilities, together with elegant employer branding and retention strategies, can assist you in entering the region, in sourcing the necessary leadership talent – both locally and globally – and in building up an efficient and well-trained work-force.

AIMS International can support your business aspirations in the MEA region, whether you are looking at up-skilling, re-organising or expanding into a new market, we offer a constructive partnership that will collaborate in finding the best solution for your organisation.


Dimitris Kleftakis

Executive VP EMEA
VP Eastern Europe Eurasia

Grégoire Depeursinge

VP Western Europe

Leonie Pentz

VP Middle East Africa

Karim Ahniche

VP Middle East Africa