Khaled is an experienced Business Development professional, possessing a long track record in developing new markets, on both local & regional scales as well as hands on expertise in both Direct & Corporate Sales. He is also known for excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Throughout his career, he worked for various multinationals ranging from Financial Institutions, FMCG’s, Services sector and International Medical Insurance. Khaled (along with the teams of each entity) penetrated new markets on both local (Egypt) and Regional scales (Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe & Levant area).

Today, Khaled is in the business of “creating value”, joining AIMS Egypt in 2021 as Business Development Manager bringing his varied expertise and plays a key role to reinforce AIMS Egypt international business through working hand in hand with colleagues across the globe and sharing experiences, best practices & joint business opportunities.


Born in the beautiful city of Alexandria, mermaid of the Mediterranean, in Egypt, I was molded & shaped with the coastal characteristics of being fearless, outgoing, adventurous and very much loving of diverse cultures & backgrounds. My adventurous coastal trait shaped me into a risk taker, which encouraged me later to take on “trading global markets”. I studied Technical & Cycle Analysis, capitalizing on my University degree in Economics. I also enjoy Boxing, Kite Surfing, reading & a lot of travelling.

During my childhood, I moved with my late Dad to Kuwait at the age of 7 and studied in an American school. Despite, being in Kuwait, the school was extremely diverse. I grew up with friends, which I enjoy their friendship until now, from all over the world. This only raised my passion & love to people, with all their diversity and taught me to not only accept differences but to have passion for exploring them.

I am married to a beautiful woman, who is a third Egyptian, third British and a third Turkish. Even my marriage is considered diverse.