Pauline is a UK/Egyptian mix, having spent the first half of her life in Europe and the second half in Egypt.  Her first experience in Egypt was a long period with one of the Big 4 in internal recruitment and local executive searches.  This eventually led to her starting her own recruitment firm in the late 90’s which was a novelty in Egypt at that time.  Then, it was the old school network and nepotism that got you where you needed to get.

Since then the industry has grown significantly and competition is strong. In 2007 Pauline joined AIMS International as their Egyptian partner and has grown the business into exclusively executive search with a small but not insignificant HR consulting offering ( restructuring, outplacement, outsourcing).  For searches we work across all industries but have particular expertise in manufacturing, real estate development and more recently petrochemicals.

The business as from 2018 is being co-managed by partner Zeinab Noureldin, who is currently the Executive Search Head.  She is the driver of our HR consulting services as well as overseeing the search business.


Born and raised in London, UK, and having a first degree in European languages, I quickly decided to explore working “on the continent” as we use to call other European countries. Cross border employment was as simple as it is now, however I managed to secure work in both France and Germany before embarking on my Egyptian adventure.  It was marriage and two children that led to my staying for another 30 years!  Our family life is very much the oriental way, with extended family celebrations for all occasions.  I definitely feel blessed to belong to this community and being in the next phase of my adventure, being a grandparent.