We are a long-established Executive Search and Talent Development firm based in central London, UK.  Founded in 1980, we joined AIMS International as a Founding Member in 1992 and, as a result, we offer our clients and candidates truly global support.


We work across a broad range of business sectors and functions delivering high quality and successful Executive Search, Talent Development and Leadership Consultancy services.


The key to our success is our unwavering client service – our rigour, professionalism and commitment to our clients ensures a smooth and successful process and outcome and has led to us building long lasting relationships with both clients and candidates.


We feel strongly that our business is not a transactional business, it is a relationship business.  As a trusted advisor, we make sure that we understand our clients’ goals, concerns and culture from the outset, so that we can place high quality candidates who not only deliver on those business needs, but also thrive within the clients’ culture.  This result not only adds significant value to a client’s business, but can also be transformative to the lives and careers of our candidates.


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Our Services

We believe in what we do.


Key placements can positively transform an organisation:- our executive search services add significant value to our clients by helping them find and secure the right people, not just from a technical perspective but also from a values and team ‘fit’ perspective.  To us, this is the difference between placing a competent candidate and placing an outstanding leader. 


We also believe in how we do it.


Our executive search process ensures that our clients have a selection of top quality candidates to choose from.


We achieve this by applying rigour and creativity to our research process and a comprehensive evaluation of candidates to establish suitability both in respect of technical abilities and ‘fit to culture’.


Whilst our search process is creative and agile enough to overcome even the most complex of searches, our structured and professional approach eliminates bias so that we are able to present as diverse a shortlist of candidates as possible.


Having built close relationships with you and the candidate over the course of the search process, we don’t stop working once the preferred candidate is chosen – we continue to provide support to both you and the candidate throughout the on-boarding process to ensure as smooth a start as possible to this new chapter.

Is your organisation going through rapid transformation, either in response to its strategy, market pressures, or in order to adapt to life after Covid?


If the answer is YES to either of these questions, does your organisation:


  • Have the necessary skills at every level to enable the organisation to adapt to these changes?
  • Have competent line managers at every level who are able to help their Teams adapt to these changes?
  • Know how to retain key talent by ensuring their continued motivation during this period of change and beyond?

If you think that improvements could be made in these areas, then our Talent Development Programmes can help your organisation become better prepared to adapt to change and, as a result, better positioned for growth.


How we can help


Here are some examples of the types of challenges that our Talent Development and Leadership Consultancy services have helped our clients overcome:


  • Accelerate the development of senior players to coach employees and teams through rapid and volatile change.
  • Equip every Manager with the life skills to provide high support and high challenge coaching and feedback in order to retain talent and deliver stronger productivity.
  • Support Managers to set up self-managed teams who can work with minimal supervision to solve real-world operational problems.
  • Develop middle managers to ‘facilitate change’ where they can influence up-the-line and motivate those down-the-line, resulting in a change ready business. 
  • Encourage every employee to ‘lead without title’. To innovate processes and ways of working whilst delivering their operational goals.


Examples of our Talent Development Programmes and Modules

Leadership Development:


  • Authentic leadership
  • Management Assessment
  • Change leadership
  • Creating client connection
  • Team development
  • Executive coaching
  • Personal leadership
  • Stress management
  • Unconscious bias
  • Cultural adaptation


Communication Skills

  • Authentic communications
  • Confidence with clients
  • Effective conflict management
  • Effective presentations
  • Effective feedback

 Commercial Skills

  • Advanced client interaction
  • Advanced negotiation skills
  • Networking skills improvement

If you are looking to build your brand to become the employer of choice to attract young talent, then get in touch.


We recently announced a new strategic partnership with Wiser, London’s award winning creative and graduate recruitment agency. Wiser shares our guiding principle that the most successful businesses in the world are the ones that can connect people to a purpose in an inspiring, inclusive, and motivating way. 

This forms the cornerstone of Wiser’s international client services offering, which includes: 

  • Crafting employee value propositions to distinguish an organisation from its competitors
  • Building powerful and early talent brands to attract young talent
  • Designing and building careers websites, or early careers landing pages 
  • Creating social media content to enhance an organisation’s brand reputation
  • Executing recruitment marketing campaigns that position a brand as the employer of choice 
  • Internal brand advocate programmes to connect and unite an organisation’s workforce and raise brand awareness authentically.


Read the full press release here

Our Team

AIMS UK have an extremely professional and well qualified team of consultants and researchers all of whom have personal experience of working in the business sectors upon which they focus. Please click on the images below to access our team bios and how we can work with you. 

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