As the business world continues to evolve at pace, we at AIMS International UK are ever more mindful of the challenges that our clients are facing to stay ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition.  Whilst we continue to support clients with our Executive Search and Talent Development services, we have also been conscientiously growing our services portfolio to enable us to provide best in class solutions to our clients’ other talent-focussed challenges.


We are therefore proud to announce our strategic partnership with Wiser, the London-based, award winning creative and graduate recruitment agency.

Wiser shares our guiding principle that the most successful businesses in the world are the ones that can connect people to a purpose in an inspiring, inclusive, and motivating way and this forms the cornerstone of Wiser’s international client services offering, which includes the following:


Crafting Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) that can distinguish your organisation from its competitors, attract candidates that are likely to support your organisation’s brand and values and ensure employees are more engaged, motivated and committed.


Building powerful early talent brands & running your organisation’s end to end graduate/internship programme so that it attracts & develops the best young talent.


Designing and building entire careers websites or specific early careers landing pages to tell the story of your organisation’s talent brand in the most powerful way, becoming the anchor for all other pieces of your hiring strategy (job ads, word of mouth & recruitment marketing, referrals, social media all lead to this destination).


Creating content for your social media channels to enhance your employer brand reputation and grow you a community cross-platform of the best talent in your industry.


Executing recruitment marketing campaigns that position you as the employer of choice, increase the volume of great candidates for specific roles and win you industry awards while doing it.

Setting up and running your internal brand advocate programme to unite your workforce, integrate your EVP pillars into culture and raise your brand awareness authentically within your industry.


Attached are links to some of our favourite pieces of Wiser’s work to date:

Colt Technologies: Employer Branding Case Study

Kraft Heinz: Lockdown Content Series (used across all platforms)

Lloyds Of London: Perspective Video


If you would like to discuss in more detail how Wiser’s services might benefit your own organisation, please do give either Lisa Mayo or Roger Cater a call and we would be happy to discuss this with you and facilitate an introduction.