The future belongs to healthy & happy workplaces which unlock people’s potential.


We lay the groundwork for people to thrive, by reimagining and redesigning workplaces that enable people’s potential.

We believe that good work experience is good business – this is why you will find us co-creating ’’the organisation of the future’’: human-centered, purpose-driven, resilient, innovative, engaging and … happy. We are the #CultureMakers.


AIMS INSIGHTS (market research business line)

  • AIMS SalaryMap (Pay Market Survey) – dedicated to companies from 3 business sectors: Manufacturing, Software Development / IT Services, Outsourcing / Business Services
  • Pulse Surveys (#TheNextNormal series 2020, Salary Increases 2022, etc.)
  • Compensation & benefits consulting
  • Customized labour market analyses
  • Employee opinion and engagement surveys
  • Employer branding & talent management surveys

Curious for more? Let’s connect and grab a virtual coffee together. Email us at [email protected].



Curious for more? Let’s connect and grab a virtual coffee together. Email us at [email protected].


DESIGN SPRINTS ROMANIA (innovation business line) – People, not technology, are the drivers of innovation

  • Design Sprints
  • Design Sprint 3.0, Problem Framing, Design Sprint Facilitation trainings and workshops (part of Design Sprint Master Certification programme)



  • Company culture transformation
  • Design from scratch or makeover of HR management systems and processes (recruitment, selection & onboarding, recruitment marketing, talent & performance management etc.)
  • Employee engagement, wellbeing, resilience, health and happiness programs
  • Employer branding (audit & consulting)
  • Executive search for management positions


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Our Employee Value Proposition

Our Team

We are the dreamers, the thinkers and the doers.

Honest. Competent. Hard-working. Caring. Spirited. Gutsy. Energetic. Curious.

‘’We do what we are’’ – in a people business, we value people, first of all. We do business with both brain and soul. Any project that involves change and development (individual or organisational) is for us an attempt to change the world for the better ... on a smaller scale :-).

Local offices

AIMS International Romania
W.A. Mozart St. no. 16B, 2nd District, Bucharest, 020256, Romania

[email protected]
+40 723 960 720

AIMS International Romania
Borsec Street, No. 4, 300081, Timisoara, Romania

[email protected]
+40 256 221 172