In today’s brave new world, employees (as well as the entire community) have started to expect higher goals from companies, other than their products and services in themselves. More than ever before, people strive to find work that they not only just tolerate or endure in order to pay the bills, but profoundly appreciate for its high degree of purpose, creativity and human connection.

Consequently, our mission is to align people (with their individual talents, values and aspirations) and organisations (with their systems, culture, values and business objectives), for maximising both meaning / significance in work (what people are looking for) and company goals.

We are preoccupied with organisational wellbeing and you can find us helping businesses and individuals to flourish, as well as create together ’’the organisation of the future’’: human-centered, constructive, emotionally intelligent, flexible, transparent, innovative, productive, engaging and collaborative.

As one of the pioneers in executive search and HR consulting in Romania, with more than 25 years of experience on the local market and a history of doing things differently, of innovation and experimentation, you can rely on us for a solution-focused, agile and customised approach to any of your challenges in the areas of:



  • Assessment and Development Centres
  • 360 degree Feedback Assessments
  • Customised Training Programs / Workshops
  • HR Training – Hire with Purpose (recruitment and selection), Interviewing Skills for Managers, Performance Management (Systems and Best Practices), Performance Appraisal Interview
  • Solution-focused Coaching
  • Career Counselling


  • Pay Market Surveys (Manufacturing, Software Development, Outsourcing) – AIMS SalaryMap
  • Compensation and Benefits Consulting
  • Market Research
  • Employer Branding & Talent Management Surveys
  • Employer Brand Assessment/Audit and Consulting
  • Recruitment Marketing and Communication Consulting
  • Surveying the New Generation of Romanian Employees (Millennials in Romania)
  • Design and Implementation of HR Management Systems
  • HR Audits
  • Organizational / Team Culture Diagnoses and Change Projects
  • Strategy Workshops

Some of these services have been detailed below. Have a look!

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Our Services

An Assessment and Development Centre is a standardised process, which allows each participant to show their ability against the same benchmark. Participants are assessed based on a set of key competencies previously agreed upon with the Project Sponsor, in order to identify their respective strengths and development gaps.


Assessment Centres help employers select, promote and/or train top performing people, while reducing the risk of investing in less productive people. Due to the use of multiple assessors, they are far more objective than an interview alone, which may induce subjective evaluation. Assessment Centres also provide employers with a better picture of the assessed individuals, who are allowed to show a large range of abilities in realistic and relevant simulation exercises.

A typical workflow looks like this:


  • Discuss and agree on project objectives with the Project Sponsor
  • Establish and model the competencies to be assessed (which are critical success factors for the job in question)
  • Define specific and detailed behavioural indicators for each competency, thus ensuring ease and objectivity in the process of observation, interpretation and evaluation of behaviour
  • Design and/or customise the exercises/simulations (case studies, role plays, group exercises) in such a way that they provide enough opportunities for participants to manifest the set competencies and for the assessors to observe and evaluate behaviour
  • Conduct the Assessment and Development Centre
  • Elaborate the individual assessment reports
  • Present the final results to the Project Sponsor
  • Individual feedback sessions with each participant, to explain results and motivate further development steps

Not only do we run Assessment Centres for our clients, but we have also started to share our expertise through a Certification Programme – The Assessment Academy. The Academy aims to develop those competencies necessary for the evaluation of candidates from the Team Leader category, as well as offer know-how and the entire documentation our client might need in order to independently run Assessment Centres dedicated to this target group (Team Leaders).

In brief, participants in The Assessment Academy will benefit from: a 2-day classroom training session, The Complete Assessment Kit (competencies, behavioural indicators, activities, various templates, including assessment report templates) and on-going mentoring from AIMS consultants. As with any certification programme, participants will finish The Academy with a certification exam.

Aligning individual vocations, needs and aspirations with those of the organisation, building purpose at all levels (individual, team, organisation), giving meaning and significance to work together with meeting business objectives – this is the role and challenge of the New Leader. 


Starting with 2000, AIMS Romania consultants and facilitators have developed ambitious and creative programs that aim to develop leaders in a different way, so that they are better equipped to face these challenges.

These are a few of our favourite topics:


  • Basic Leadership & Management
  • Advanced Leadership
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Team Coaching for Performance
  • Developing Coaching Skills
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Interviewing Skills for Managers
  • Getting the best out of Performance Appraisal
  • Organizational Culture Workshop
  • Riding the Waves of Change Management
  • Constructive Communication … and Organisational Oxygen
  • Conflict Resolution …or The Language of Colours
  • Emotional Intelligence – The Intersection of Brain and Heart
  • Effective Presentations – Storytelling and Strategy
  • Personal Effectiveness & Productivity … Stress-free
  • Writing Effective Emails
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Train the Trainers

Bringing up-to-date information, as well as new development tools and instruments to our learning environment is something that we continuously strive to do. We are currently experimenting with Design Sprints and Lego Serious Play, as well as other game-based training methods.


Hire with Purpose is our most successful open-format training – each new edition attracts both HR professionals as well as Hiring Managers interested to improve their recruitment and interviewing skills. Hire with Purpose takes the recruitment process from A to Z: starting with candidate attraction and identification up to making the hiring decision. These are a few of the topics covered during the training:                           


  • Analysing job vacancy from basic requirements to performance profile
  • Candidate PERSONA – Who are our candidates? What do they want? Where can we find them?
  • Candidate identification – Choosing the right mix of recruitment channels (on-line databases, networking, executive search, head-hunting, social media etc.)
  • Increasing the effectiveness of “classic” recruitment channels
  • Basic LinkedIn activities for recruiters (for direct search & personal branding)
  • Candidate attraction and the recruiter’s role (employer & personal branding, recruitment as consultative process vs. transactional process, approaching passive candidates)
  • Working with performance profiles – defining the expected job results and key competencies
  • Effective selection methods (interviews, assessment centres, testing) and reference checks
  • The interview – preparation, the interview guide, interview flow and structure, competency-based interviewing, the STAR method, efficient questioning techniques, taking notes, body language pitfalls
  • Emotional intelligence of the interviewer (managing subjectivity), competencies of the good interviewer
  • Performance and motivation – evaluation of the motivational component
  • Candidate evaluation – evaluation errors
  • Final candidate selection, making the hiring decision
  • Continuous improvement – recruitment metrics (KPI examples), optimising the efficiency of current practices and strategy

Aiming to respond in a more agile and customised manner to the needs of our clients in the IT/Software Development industry, we have also delivered ”Hire with Purpose for IT”, a special edition designed to meet the specific challenges of IT recruiters in Romania.

Aiming to support organisations in their effort to retain top people and optimise HR costs, AIMS Romania has conducted ever since 2000 the comprehensive survey AIMS SalaryMap. This survey summarises compensation and benefits policies and practices used in the most representative companies from the Manufacturing, Software Development/IT and Outsourcing business sectors in Romania.


AIMS SalaryMap is the Romanian survey that provides the best geographical and industry coverage in its field. Based on AIMS SalaryMap results, AIMS consultants help companies design their compensation & benefits strategy, as well as the Total Reward Package, so that these are aligned to the overall business strategy and performance and the specific labour market in the geographical area and industry that the company is active in.


Clients can choose from a diverse range of report types: general, regional, local, industry-specific, standard or customised.


The Winter Edition of AIMS SalaryMap comprises:

  • a pay market report: gross base salaries of January current year for each of the positions in the Jobs Catalogue, as well as gross annual incomes for the past year
  • a labour market dynamics report: employee turnover and absenteeism in the past year; salary and headcount forecast for current and next year


Striving to facilitate the fast, real-time adjustment of our clients’ compensation practices to the labour market pace, AIMS SalaryMap has a special mid-year edition, as well. The Summer Edition comprises:

  • a pay market report: gross base salaries of July current year for each of the positions in the Jobs Catalogue, as well as the variation of base salary for July vs. January same year. The comparison is made on the same benchmark of participant companies. 
  • a benefits report: details on variable pay (bonuses and incentives), non-cash and motivational benefits.

For its coaching programs, AIMS Romania is accredited to use Solution Focus Coaching. The emphasis of this method is on finding lasting solutions by building on existing competences and strengths and recognising signs of progress. Solution Focused (SF) methodologies are an innovative approach to guiding clients toward the rapid achievement of goals. Empowerment comes with seeing life from the future, rather than from the past. So the term indicates where we look: forwards, towards solutions, rather than backwards, by studying problems.


The SF approach aims to discover “what works” in a given situation, simply and practically. The focus on what is wanted, what is going well and doing more of what works is often much faster and more effective for clients than analysing problems and difficulties and their causes.

We use SF coaching in individual, as well as team coaching settings.

Team coaching is used to:


  • Improve specific aspects of team performance: the coach makes sure the team are asking the right questions, at the right time, in order to achieve shifting requirements. It also helps improve the leader’s ability to manage individuals’ performance.
  • Make things happen faster: team coaching can help a team move rapidly through the stages of development that may be hindered without a coach due to mistrust, poor communication, and avoidance of important but less obvious questions.
  • Make things happen differently: where culture change is accompanied by individual and team coaching, the pace and depth of the change will rapidly increase by supporting people as they come to terms with new attitudes and behaviours.


Our Team

‘’We do what we are’’ – in a people business, our team members value people, first of all.

We live every day by the principles we preach: responsibility, integrity, respect, quality, trust, communication. We do business with both brain and soul. Any project that involves change and development (individual or organisational) is for us an attempt to change the world for the better (on a smaller scale, of course).

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