Alexandra has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and started her career in Sales. She moved on to HR consultancy in 2012 and joined the AIMS International team in 2017.

Alexandra has experience in Recruitment & Outplacement projects for clients for various industries.

“My role is to understand the customer’s true need beyond what is stated in the job description and harmonize that need with what the market has to offer. I act as a consultant for both the customer and the candidate, making sure their core values are aligned and they can bring value to each other on the long term.

What I like most about AIMS is that the environment is highly collaborative and that we each know each other’s strengths.

We work with our clients in a very transparent manner and we communicate throughout all steps of the process.”


Since the beginning of my career, I was always inclined most to interact with people and help them achieve their goals. I’ve had the opportunity to do that as a Team Coach when I was only 21.

That was when my passion for HR was sparked.

I’ve continued interacting with it more and more during my role as an HR Software Solutions Consultant, where I was able to understand all HR processes for companies in different industries (industrial, telecommunications, media, retail, FMCG).

In 2015 I joined the Executive Search industry and I am sure it was the best choice for me.

I love to travel & sail, to interact with new cultures through their gastronomy & art and to spend quality time with my loved ones.