Gynella has 20 years of consulting experience with the AIMS team in Timișoara and is one of the pioneers who developed the HR consulting practice in AIMS Romania; over the years she came up with client solutions which later became ’’classic’’ AIMS products or services. Her favourite assignments can be found among the following areas:

Gynella is a certified coach in Solution-Focused Coaching, as well as an accredited consultant who uses a wide range of tools in the individual or organizational development projects that she manages.


She worked together with companies from various industries, from manufacturing to IT/research&development or shared services/outsourcing.


A graduate of Engineering (who has not worked a day as an engineer) and a journalist walk into a bar. It may sound like the beginning of a funny story, but it is also ... me before AIMS. I am the perfect example of a successful career turnaround. Somehow, being both an engineer and journalist positively influenced my career as a consultant; I simply transferred competencies such as logic, research and analytical ability, but also drive, communication and relationship-building skills to the realm of HR and organisational consulting. And this is how the pieces of the puzzle came together neatly.

My favourite projects in AIMS are those that challenge me to create something that we have not done before. I like to spend time researching a complex subject, understanding everything there is to know about it, then sketching possible solutions. I enjoy the autonomy and the responsibility that comes with it.

The people I work with, colleagues and clients alike, appreciate my commitment, work ethics, quality orientation and dedication to high standards, as well as the ability to think things through and examine them from all sides.

Also, I think people enjoy working with me (as a consultant and coach) because they trust me to be responsive, warm, sensitive and a good listener. They are able to open up and share their concerns, knowing that I care about their best interests. My empathetic nature makes it possible for me to relate to the needs of others, whether it is to give them a boost of confidence, to reassure them that they can succeed, or to celebrate a happy occasion.

I find enjoyment in exercise, a good tennis match (either play myself or watch the professionals), in biking to work or simply being outdoors. I have always been a passionate reader (mostly fiction); this is my favorite way to unwind and end a busy day: with a good book in my hands.