Florentina has been working in human resources since 2003, and since 2005 in consulting – with the AIMS team in Timisoara. Her career in AIMS Romania means various roles (consultant, trainer/facilitator, recruiter, business developer, branding, marketing and communication enthusiast) and activities:

When it comes to training/workshop delivery, her favourite topics are: Effective presentations – storytelling and strategy; Personal effectiveness & productivity … stress-free; Constructive communication and conflict resolution; Writing effective emails; Managing meetings; Interviewing skills for managers; Getting the best out of performance appraisal.

Florentina is an accredited consultant and has used a wide range of tools in the individual and team development projects that she managed. She worked together with companies from various industries, from manufacturing to IT/research&development or shared services/outsourcing.

She worked together with companies from various industries, from manufacturing to IT/research&development or shared services/outsourcing.

Florentina is fluent in English and has (unfortunately) become quite rusty in German.


Inspirational quote - ''It's not that I'm so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.’’ Albert Einstein

I did not choose HR, but rather the other way round, as I landed my first job in human resources quite by chance, thinking that the interview was for a PR job. This turned, however, into a career.

In AIMS Timisoara I am ‘’a jack of all trades’’, with broad knowledge in various areas. Because AIMS has given me the chance to define, re-define and re-think my professional identity, I could experiment with many different activities and roles along the way. That’s why I think I am good at integrating various disciplines and skills together in a practical manner: training/workshop facilitation, consulting, market research, competency assessment, social media communication, design – thus creating something new and different at every opportunity. Actually, thinking of new, original ways to do things is an important part of who I am.

The best processes are dynamic and require constant evaluation and tweaking. That’s why optimising for efficiency is something I focus on, restless to look for continuous improvement, regardless of what I am working on – a client proposal, Powerpoint presentation, fresh training approach, new assessment simulation or internal tool. Why be content with doing something the conventional way, if a better way is possible?

The people I work with, colleagues and clients alike, appreciate my perseverance, achievement and quality orientation, my eye for detail, dedication to high standards, as well as the ability to think things through and examine them from all sides. Probably also for being able to keep my head in the clouds, but my feet on the ground.

I find enjoyment in interior design and architecture, reading, running or a witty conversation over a glass of bubbly. My home and family life is also an important source of energy. I am married and have two small boys, who teach me every day about the true meaning of patience, calm, intuition, warmth, acceptance, play, joy, empathy and, well, patience again. Although I generally like to establish order and structure in both my life and business, having children has also made me appreciate that ’’Magic is in the mess’’ (Brene Brown’s inspirational quote).