Natasha started her career in 2008, in public administration, after graduating a Master’s degree in Organizational and Leadership Psychology. She switched to Human Resources in 2010, when she joined the AIMS team in Timisoara.

In her consulting experience she has managed numerous client assignments, especially in areas such as: search and selection for middle and top management positions, outplacement and career counselling, competency assessment for managers and non-managers, market surveys (compensation and benefits, employer branding) and people development (trainings, workshops, micro-learning sessions). She is certified to use SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) and Thomas International tools.

Natasha successfully closed recruitment and selection projects for key job openings in various industry segments: automotive manufacturing, electronics, FMCG, retail, industrial B2B sales, thus gaining a very good local labour market overview and understanding.

When it comes to people development, she trained more than 300 people through workshops and trainings, her favourite topics being: Recruitment and selection (in-house and open format trainings), Interviewing skills for non-HR professionals / managers, as well as Design and implementation of Assessment Centers (including developing internal assessors).

Natasha is very experienced in running Assessment and Development Centers – she assessed over 450 people, on various managerial levels. She is also a valuable member in the team running AIMS SalaryMap Manufacturing, the most comprehensive pay market survey dedicated to manufacturing companies in Romania.

Natasha is fluent in English and intermediate in French.


I chose to study Psychology out of a huge curiosity about human nature. For many years I had planned to become a successful therapist, but ended an HR consultant instead. Bad luck? Not at all! After more than 10 years in HR, I still think that I made an inspired decision, as I have finally learned (and still learn) so much about human nature … well, at least at work. I had the opportunity to test my own limits and learn about my own ‘’nature”, when dealing with various candidate typologies or when striving to find creative solutions for my clients.

I will always be grateful to have worked in AIMS during the past years, as our team gave me the opportunity to change the roles I play in order to meet client needs – I was the Recruiter, the Trainer, the Career Advisor, the Assessor, the Market Researcher … sometimes, even the PR & Marketing Specialist – and I’m really proud of my achievements in all of these fields.

Outside my professional life, I’m an enthusiastic and culturally „thirsty“ traveler, animal and nature lover and, probably, an incurable daydreamer. My little Daydreamer hopes that, one day, AIMS will initiate a new line of services for NGOs (especially active in animal welfare or environmental field). If that happens, I will definitely be the first to challenge myself in a new role for this type of projects.