Serban is a legal adviser and marketing specialist by formal education, but since 2006 is a member of AIMS Romania (Timisoara office) consulting team. He has managed numerous client assignments in various areas such as:



When it comes to training/workshop delivery, his favourite topics are: Leadership & Management; High-impact presentations; Constructive communication and conflict resolution; Time management; Emotional Intelligence; Recruitment and selection; Performance management; Group dynamics and team effectiveness.

Serban is an accredited consultant and has used a wide range of tools in the individual and team development projects that he managed. He worked together with companies from various industries, from automotive manufacturing to IT/research&development, as well as financial and pharmaceutical business sectors.

Serban is fluent in English and is the GDPR Responsible & acting legal adviser for AIMS Timisoara office.



Ever since I joined AIMS I have grown up both professionally and personally, with this gifted team of consultants. Here, in AIMS Timisoara office, I feel at home – in a familiar but at the same time challenging environment. Even if I’m part of the team for a very long time, I manage to keep my enthusiasm and energy intact because I feel that I’m part of something very special. Romania is changing in front of us, moving from a former communist regime to a dynamic and fast developing market economy which is sometimes quite chaotic and desperately needs proper role models and a solid foundation. I’m privileged to act as a trainer (and sometimes as trusted adviser and even mentor) for young management teams who need orientation and support. They are the most dynamic segment in the country, the future of our economy (and our society) and many of them leave our workshops with stronger and better people-centered leadership principles and skills which, I firmly believe, could improve the social climate and influence the future in a better way.

I cannot work in an environment where I don’t believe in what I preach and if values count for something, this is the place for me to be! I like to see friendly faces around me and to have fun, as well; even in the most difficult of times my colleagues can testify that I haven’t lost my optimism and sense of humour. People do appreciate my result orientation, positive thinking and my ability to make decisions on my own. I am confident in my ability to face challenges and succeed, at the same time looking for win-win solutions.

Moreover, I’m very curious by nature and like to learn new and interesting things as much as possible. My job keeps me in contact with a lot of people (many of them very successful in their careers) and there are great opportunities to learn directly from the best. Sometimes, when I’m involved in a head hunting project or an important business development meeting with top people, I feel like this is similar to a free MBA, where I can ask as many questions as I want and receive the best answers.

When I’m back home, I like to spend quality time with my family (I love my wife and my two beautiful kids) and my friends. We enjoy watching movies together or going out. Other little pleasures that make my life a happier place are reading good books (history, politics, literature, fantasy), watching football games (I’m a massive fan of Man United), debating politics and public issues or exploring other countries and cultures during holidays. I love pets and the people who know me well told me that I’m a good cook, too!