In her 22 years of consulting experience with AIMS, Andrea has managed numerous client assignments in areas such as:

When it comes to training/workshop delivery, her favourite topics are: Leadership; Constructive communication and conflict resolution; Effective presentations – storytelling and strategy; Personal effectiveness & productivity … stress-free; Group dynamics and team effectiveness; Managing meetings and last, but not least, Team cooking – an alternative team building scenario, where Andrea combines her love of food and entertaining, with her group facilitation skills.

Andrea is an accredited consultant and has used a wide range of tools in the individual and team development projects that she managed. She worked together with companies from various industries, from manufacturing to IT/research&development or shared services/outsourcing.

Andrea is fluent in both English and German.


I feel like I’ve been working in AIMS since … forever. I came here over 20 years ago, just looking for a job, and stayed with the team here ever since. The fact that I have the freedom to do what I like, say what I think and grow all the time is the main reason I stayed all these years. Another important factor was the company culture: based on honesty, as well as healthy and constructive principles and values.

I enjoy variety, which is why I am involved in many AIMS services: training/workshop delivery, assessment centers, compensation and benefits surveys (AIMS SalaryMap). However, my favourite activity is business development – not necessarily developing new products or services, but rather introducing and promoting them on the market. I enjoy meeting clients – partly because it is a very dynamic activity which suits me very well and also because it gives us an in-depth understanding of the market, thus helping us to anticipate and better respond to client needs.

The people I work with, colleagues and clients alike, appreciate my spontaneous, direct, firm and hands-on approach, as well as my entrepreneurial style. As I believe that every problem is solvable, I prefer not to stress too much. I also hate wasting time; being impatient by nature also makes me quick to react to opportunities. When I am convinced about something, nothing can hold me back. I consider myself adaptable, in both business and personal life.

My home and family life are also an important source of energy. I like to be surrounded by close friends and family, whom I love to entertain at our weekend getaway house. Spending time outdoors is also something I enjoy doing – there is nothing like a good run in the morning air, to clear my head and prepare for the day ahead. Life’s simple pleasures appeal to me: cooking, wine, baking artisanal bread – and I like to teach others about that, too. In the team cooking workshops I facilitate, people learn important lessons – not just about cooking something simple and tasty and pairing it with the right wine, but also about team leadership, dynamics, roles.