Gabriela has been working in human resources since 2003, and since 2007 in consulting – with the AIMS team in Timișoara. Her career in AIMS Romania is broad and multifaceted:


Gabriela is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, as well as an experienced consultant and facilitator. For her coaching practice, Gabriela has undergone training in Solution Focus approach and in Transactional Analysis.


When it comes to training/workshop delivery, her favourite topics are: Effective presentations – storytelling and strategy; Constructive communication; Emotional intelligence in conflict resolution; Personal effectiveness & productivity … stress-free; Team effectiveness and development; Basic Leadership. She has delivered more than 200 courses and workshops.

Gabriela is an accredited consultant and has used a wide range of tools in the individual and team development projects that she managed. She worked together with companies from various industries, from manufacturing to IT/research&development or shared services/outsourcing.


I have a degree in Psychology, so a job in Human Resources was the next logical step for me. After a few years as HR Specialist in two major organisations, I tried my hand at consulting, which fitted me perfectly. The people I work with, colleagues and clients alike, appreciate my blend of goal orientation, clear thinking, analytical skills, intuition, creativity, lightheartedness and spontaneity with solid business advice.

People say I am an interesting mix: I love to laugh, have fun and see the lighter side of life, but I am also the first to take things seriously when the situation calls for it: think it through, examine it like an X-ray machine and see the essence or the root of the problem. But I am not always easy to have around : I continually challenge the status quo, looking for a better, newer, faster or more qualitative way of doing things.

As a consultant and coach, I think it is very important to reach out to people in a caring, inclusive, warm and personal way, recognising people as valuable, focusing on their strengths, appreciating them for their uniqueness, expecting the best from them and giving encouragement. I love to see people progressing towards their goals and exercising their strengths. I like to start by examining the WHY, challenging people to question their objectives so that they come in contact with their real needs.

I love nature, travelling, books and I am an enthusiastic horse-rider. My home and family life is also very important to me, which is why achieving a healthy balance between work and family time is something I strive to do on a regular basis. I am married and have two small children, who keep me true to myself, my values and principles and somehow manage to challenge me every day to practice what I preach in my workshops on emotional intelligence and conflict resolution.