Knowledge of the relative strengths, the development needs, and the potential of individual key persons can make a huge difference to future success. Leadership Assessments provide a neutral, broad foundation for decision-making and are ideally conducted before making changes or implementing development plans.


An evaluation of each person’s capacity and potential is made regarding their projected success within a specific task or specialised role. The assessment is founded on a deep understanding of the requirements for the specified task or role, as well as mapping and evaluating the individual’s attributes, including experience, knowledge, personal capabilities, motivation, potential, and cognitive skills.

The results of these assessments are significant and may pertain to diverse situations, such as: 

  • The recruitment of external key persons
  • The promotion or recruitment of internal candidates
  • The selection of talent for development programs
  • The institution of personal development efforts

At AIMS International, we are experts in defining the requirements for success in any specific role. Our assessors draw on years of experience within the field of strategic talent support and rely on tried and tested methodologies. Accordingly, they can deliver AIMS International’s assessment services both locally and globally, ensuring that projects are coordinated in an effective manner across national borders.