Catherine is Senior Consultant and in-house psychologist for the Swiss AIMS International branch. She has many years experience in the retail industry and has a strong background in running several tricky projects within big groups/organisations. 

While living in Madrid with her husband Grégoire and their three children, Catherine took on the challenge to enrol for a Master in Psychology, which she received in 2012. In 2015, Catherine added to her skillset, by certifying as a ICF Professional Coach. 

Since 2011, Catherine acts as Senior Consultant and in-house Psychologist.

Today, Catherine is the EMEA Head of the Talent Management Team as well as a member of the Sustainability Project Team at AIMS International.

Her strengths are listening, empathy, quick and global understanding of her clients’ needs and her ability to generate robust and sustainable solutions.

She is fluent in French, Italian, German, Spanish and English.


Born in the south of Italy, in a small town called Cariati close to the sea, I moved to Switzerland with my mother to join my father, who was then working in Switzerland. I was raised bilingual Italian/French and also as the oldest of four sisters. Having married a Swiss, we then moved to Zürich and later to Spain for several years, I thus embraced the language and culture of both these countries. When in Spain, I enrolled in a master's degree in Psychology at the Open University of Barcelona.

I enjoy working with people as I am passionate about understanding their personality and what drives them. Besides, I also find it very interesting to immerse myself in new cultures and get to know people with different backgrounds and experiences. As a professional, I always seek for directions, sense and purpose when it comes to dealing with prospects but also, understand the client's requirements and needs.

I presently live in Fribourg with my husband Grégoire, who is also in the business, and our children Bérénice, Romain and Matthieu.


  • I am an avid painter and lover of arts (painting, sculpture, photographs). Painting helps me challenging unknown parts of myself whilst sharing my inner world with others
  • I enjoy philosophy and how we can apply certain past models to the present
  • together with my son, we walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostella for 815km in 40 days. Besides all the km we did, we also went through an inner self-discovery of our personality and strengthen our relationship
  • with my love of Italian cooking from scratch, I totally fit the "Italian Mamma" cliché 

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