Anastassia is a Consultant in Executive Search with a particular interest in Talent Management.

Her extensive international professional experience led to her studying business management at IAE Business School (University of Aix-Marseille, France) and receiving an EMBA.

Wishing to develop competencies that would allow her to consult individuals and businesses about personality profiling and effective recruitment, she has completed a European mini-MBA training in Professional Orientation and Career Coaching in 2022.

As a result, her specialized skills in candidate profiling and assessment centre services, career coaching and induction contribute to the best recruitment results for the company and the satisfaction of an individual.

Anastassia’s strong points are listening to people and finding solutions, which allows her to work with precision and attention to detail so that clients can receive quality service and the best top and mid-level talent in different industry sectors.


Born in Tallinn, Estonia I developed an interest in languages and cultures by the age of 16 when I started spending my summers working in the Old Town during school holidays. This interest resulted in me acquiring a BA degree in English Studies at first.

I am trilingual in my everyday life and have lived in Germany, Ireland, UK and France 20 years later, but cultures and people don’t cease to fascinate me living in sunny and vibrant Provence.

Being a multipotential, my professional trajectory has been varied. I worked in administration, luxury sales, recruitment and training, business development, but all my experiences followed one goal – making business and people a good match.

I have united my passion for helping people and developing business by engaging in Executive Search as well as in Talent Management.

I am fond of yoga and natural medicine, psychology and neuroscience, visual arts and dance.