Monika brings over 15 years executive search experience with focus on top management positions. Prior to establishing her own business, she worked for 3 years as Partner with an international search firm, 5 years as Senior Investment Officer for an EBRD venture capital and more than 7 years in managing positions within private and public sector.

Her primary executive search expertise stays within Financial & Professional Services, engineering systems, oil & Energy and Consumer. The diversified assignment portfolio, has enabled Monika a vast knowledge and insight on various industry value chains as well as a reputable network of professionals.

In addition, Monika has gained expertise in Board Services through in company consultations as an IFC Certified Expert in Corporate Governance and Board Leadership Training. She is also an experienced Executive Coach

Monika holds a Diploma in Engineering, a MSc in Economics as well as a Degree in Consulting Management by WAK, Kiel, Germany. She is key founder and Board Chair of Corporate Governance Institute (Albanian Director’s Association member of ecoDa), pioneered the Albanian Management Consultant certification and continuously contributes in developing the national standards of consultant profession as a Board Member of Albanian Consultants Network. Besides her native Albanian, she speaks fluent English, Italian and German.


I am naturally curious and eager to discover new things and take on new challenges, which basically constitutes my professional journey.

Born and bred in Tirana, I feel lucky to perfectly connect information, networks and roots in a small country like Albania. After my industrial engineering experience early in my career, I then studied management consulting in Germany, which influenced my entire professional life.

I love what I do and I believe in creating relationships that put people and trust at center. Assisting organisations and individuals in achieving their strategic vision motivates me.

Beyond my business, I love travelling with my family and spending time with them. We are a family of engineers, but nonetheless we couldn't instill it to our two sons who studied business and finance.

People think of me as a very serious person, but those who work with me know how much I like laughing/making fun and how I also encourage others to do so.

I like to take long walks on the beach and love swimming. I enjoy following aspiring Latin singers, even though in my youth I was highly impacted by Italian music and literature.

When it comes to food I enjoy experimenting with it, but not too often because then I can't refrain myself from tasting everything.