B.Sc. Psychology and postgraduate degrees on Industrial and Clinical Psychology.

Having begun by audience controlling in the marketing dept. of SEAT (Volkswagen Group), he joined PA Consulting Group, firstly as Consultant and afterwards as Principal Consultant in the Executive Search Division (1975-79).

He founded Stemper, S.A. in 1979, a global executive search and selection firm focusing on middle and top positions. He co-founded AIMS in 1992 and was its President in 1996.

Managing Director of AIMS Spain, he has more than 25 years experience in strategic development, consulting, search and selection.


I was born in Leon (lovely city in the north of Spain), my childhood was developed in Asturias, the most beautiful region of Spain.

Since I was in the University, I begun to spend my holiday traveling to other European countries mainly by car. This experience consolidated my primitive passion to know other cultures and learn from them.

My first professional experience of 9 years in a large organisation like SEAT (now belonging to Volkswagen) consolidated my true vocation for human resources mainly in its dimension of helping achieve that fit between person and job, which in synthesis is the real objective of the Industrial Psychology and the organisations: Achieve the greatest satisfaction of the person and the best performance in the company.

Throughout all these years, this vocation continues to be my greatest source of motivation and professional and personal satisfaction, along with having formed and consolidated a family with two children, of which I am very proud.

I like continue visiting by car all kinds of countries, I collect stamps, I like to play the organ, and when I am available I like to design and build furniture for me and my friends.