Rodrigo has a degree in Law and in Business Administration and a specialisation in Transportation&Logistics; he is an ICF PCC certified coach and a business founder.

After a first professional experience as a lawyer in one of the most renowned law firms in Spain, he found out he was more driven towards Human Resources and interested in recruitment and leadership development.

His main career objective is to help great leaders get positions where they would be able to make a difference and work to their potential. Over the years, he has achieved his objective beyond expectation, working in relevant multinational companies such as Umanis, where he was HR Manager, American Express, where he was an HR Relationship Leader and Maersk, as Talent acquisition and development Manager.

In 2015 Rodrigo founded his own executive services business and started to collaborate as a Consultant for AIMS International. In 2020 he has fully joined the organisation as a Senior Consultant.

He has developed a great number of talent management projects with a special focus on leadership development and has extensive experience in coaching leaders to boost their performance and their teams.

Rodrigo speaks Spanish, English and Italian fluently.


I have been passionate about leadership and leaders since I can remember. As a youngster, to experience leadership myself, I ran a political party for the school elections, I was selected as class delegate and football captain and I took advantage of every chance I was given to study the stories of great leaders from the past.

In my twenties, I was haunted by the question: “Are leaders born or made?”. I decided to run an experiment to prove that leadership was a learnable skill. Suffice to say that my hypothesis was proven almost completely wrong.

As a leaders’ trainer, I was discouraged by this discovery. If leadership cannot be trained, what is the point in leadership development?

It was only after training hundreds of leaders, later in my career, that a new idea blossomed in my mind: what if the key to leadership development was to first identify who can be a leader and train those to a more advanced level?

That is where my interest in executive search kicked in, and since then I have devoted a great deal of my time and energy to help others identify their leadership potential and become the best leaders they can possibly be.

Thanks to the leaders that have been kind enough to share with me their wisdom and time during this process, I have also grown as a leader. A process that it is still ongoing and, hopefully, will never end.


The world is craving for good leaders; I help those leaders to be where they can make a difference.