Börje has 30 years of investment banking experience. He has worked for Swedish, Scandinavian and international financial companies as Head of Sales & Marketing, Stockbroker and in Institutional Sales. Börje has been active in Executive Search companies for several years and has extensive experience within international recruitment. He studied economics and finance at the University of Stockholm.

Today, he works with Executive Search for Swedish and international companies. His focus is on Business Intelligence and Marketing, with focus on developing the international business. Through careful analysis of companies, industries and countries, Börje captures the best business matches and understands the opportunities, limitations and profitability of his clients. Together with his colleagues, he finds the best candidates able to achieve the clients’ goals. Everything that makes cross-border business work successfully is of great interest to him.

Börje and the Swedish team assist Swedish companies with their international Executive Search needs. They also assist foreign-owned companies with finding the right candidates in Sweden. Through a Talent Management consulting programme, the team can assess leaders and also help them to grow, while making the talent management processes in client companies work more smoothly and on a more result oriented basis.


I was born in the countryside and I still have one foot in the countryside and one foot in the city. I live with my wife in an old house on a small island in the Stockholm archipelago and every day I commute by ferry to my workplace in the old town of Stockholm. I like to renovate our house, while other interests are boating, history, the stock market, travelling, alpine skiing and Western riding.

Economics, finance and investment issues have always fascinated me. I am especially interested in understanding how companies can become more profitable. I follow the strategies companies have chosen to become a better investment than their competitors. This is especially important when it comes to understanding how private equity companies work with their portfolio companies.

I think a key aspect is to resolve the client’s need to find and develop successful leaders and business critical specialists. In order to achieve that goal, we need to really understand the clients and to have a strategic dialogue with them. This is so that we can unite our expectations with the candidates. I always put a lot of effort into analysing the company and the competitors, as the basis to search for the right candidates. When both clients and candidates are satisfied, then we can also be satisfied.

A senior consultant is always responsible for the client and for the assignment, but internally we work together in project teams to solve the assignments. All wisdom is not in the same head. The results are much better and safer when we use the combined know-how of the entire team. This makes it much more fun and interesting, too!

Working in teams is even more important when it comes to cross-border Executive Search and Talent Management projects. AIMS International has designed its organisation to work seamlessly across borders, and I enjoy working in this culture.

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