In its 25 years of operation, AIMS International Finland has grown into one of Finland’s most international Executive Search and Talent Management companies.

AIMS International operates on 6 continents in more than 50 countries and employs a total of around 350 Executive Search consultants. AIMS International has a strong foothold in the Nordic and Baltic countries. AIMS International Finland employs more than a dozen Executive Search experts in Finland and Estonia.

In addition to Executive Search and Talent Management, services by AIMS International Finland include Board Member Search, Board Consulting and Advisory Boards, as well as Management and Board Audits.

In addition to Executive Search, AIMS International Finland offers Interim Management services.

The use of interim managers has become noticeably more common in Finnish companies over the past few years. Our Interim Management solution is suitable in situations where the company needs an efficient and competent professional on short notice for a vacant position or for leading an important development or change process.

In addition to international listed companies, AIMS International Finland’s clients include Finnish medium-sized companies and public sector entities.

We engage in genuine global cooperation with leading consultants from other AIMS International offices to locate the best possible talents for our clients also outside Finland.

AIMS International Finland is best known for its long-term client relationships and for successfully carrying out particularly challenging executive searches.

Our Services

Executive search is by far the most effective way to find the optimal person for a management position. There are also reasons behind the popularity of the method.


When performed correctly, executive search is a systematic process that begins with a careful definition of the candidate profile.


A seasoned executive search consultant with experience from hundreds of search processes and thousands of conversations with candidates can provide valuable input for the company’s management on the company’s prospects, job requirements, a candidate’s personal qualities and, for example, fair and attractive compensation.


The profile definition is followed by a research phase, in which talents who meet the job requirements are sought from the market. In addition to various search tools, this phase makes use of systematic teamwork and the extensive personal networks of our consultants.


The number of finalist candidates is narrowed down in the interview stage, when our consultants meet and discuss with candidates who received the highest evaluation marks and present the most suitable candidates for the position to the client.


Naturally, our service also includes verifying candidates’ references. We also assist the client in the final negotiation over the employment contract. After the contract is signed, our work continues in ensuring that the task and the person’s competence meet the expectations of both parties.


In addition to executive searches for senior management positions, we help our clients to form a dynamically and visionary board of directors in which each new board member strengthens the company’s strategic ability and readiness to anticipate future growth.


AIMS International Finland has over 20 years of experience in Executive and Board Member Search services in Finland and globally. We know what it takes for us and our client to find the best talents.


While the digital tools on the market today are the same for everyone, the best consultants also have structured research methods, extensive and diverse networks, perseverance, curiosity and a fine-tuned ability to identify the best and most motivated talents for the position.


Successfully carrying out particularly challenging assignments is what we are best known for.

The use of interim managers has become more commonplace also in Finland in recent years. For us, this has been noticeable both as an increase in demand for interim management services and as a growing interest among many candidates in joining interim management projects.


An interim manager is an excellent option when a skilled professional is needed for a senior management position that has been vacated on short notice. An interim manager is also often used for directing or implementing important development or change processes in situations where the company does not have in-house expertise or resources.


The interim manager may be tasked with the creation of new processes and structures or the improvement of business profitability. Sometimes, the task may also be implementing a turnaround.


The interim manager typically has solid expertise in similar challenges and is able to perform the assignment in accordance with set goals. It is easy to see how useful real-world experience or networks can be when the goal is to expand distribution or develop supply chains, for example.


Interim manager

  • Typically, the interim manager leads and implements changes
  • The interim manager has solid strategic and operational experience and networks in a specific industry and from specific tasks in an organisation.
  • The interim manager acts as part of the company’s own organisation and often has responsibility over the budget and performance.
  • The interim manager is 100% loyal to the company.
  • They report to their supervisor like everyone in the organisation.

In a nutshell, the interim manager is dedicated to a single project and responsible for achieving set goals. The project’s chances of success are improved by the fact that the interim manager has solid experience in similar tasks, often from an organisation in the same industry.


Using an interim manager helps speed up the implementation of projects and enables business development. The interim manager commits to the agreed schedule and budget.


At AIMS International Finland, we help our clients analyse their current situation and future needs. After this, we search for candidates for the interim manager position who have a track record of performing successfully in similar challenges.

The most successful organisations are high-performance teams in which the abilities of individuals complement and support each other. Audits ensure that the performance of the organisation develops and meets the expectations of owners and investors. In addition to succeeding in the market, an increasing number of owners today place greater emphasis on risk management and the ability to take advantage of future opportunities.


The process is led by experienced consultants at AIMS International Finland and assesses the competence of the company’s managers in relation to the current state of the organisation and the chosen strategy.


The first step in the process is gaining a thorough understanding of the company’s chosen strategy, current state and future development needs. These form the basis for the audit process, future conclusions and proposals for action. The implementation and methodology of the project are decided together with the client.


Our experienced consultants interview selected individuals for the audit process. The interview is designed to allow us to measure the ability of the person and the entire management team to meet the requirements and future challenges of both the position and the company.


Individuals involved in the audit process often share their views on the company’s situation and ideas for developing the organisation and operations.


The results of the audit process are reported to the participants and the client. Each participant also receives extensive personal feedback, which serves as an excellent basis for personal professional development.


AIMS International Finland’s Management Audit service is a tool that is designed to ensure that the company’s ambition and strategies are implemented as planned.

Every career is made up of different phases. Typical challenges include starting in a new, more demanding position, tackling difficult work situations and finding one’s strengths.

Business Mentoring and Coaching services by AIMS International Finland ensure successful work performance both in the company’s management and personal areas of responsibility. They also help direct the potential of employees in accordance with the company’s goals.



Mentoring is a tried and tested method for supporting personal career development, discovering new perspectives, committing key personnel and increasing the sharing of expertise within the organisation.

Mentoring is based on a confidential relationship between the mentor and the mentee and the transfer of knowledge in goal-oriented discussions.

In a typical mentoring project, the mentor and the mentee meet approximately once a month over just under one year. There are six to ten meetings in total.

Mentoring is an ideal solution for those looking to expand their networks and gain new perspectives as well as for key employees interested in the long-term development of their professional skills. Mentoring is often also beneficial to those in need of a sparring partner.


Business coaching

A business coach can help you identify strengths and clarify goals. As part of the coaching, you also receive tools to help you achieve your goals.

Business coaching is suitable for experts considering changing jobs or for someone who has started in a new position, for example. It is also a great option for managers at different stages of their careers who want to advance in their career and improve their skills as a manager or supervisor.

Through business coaching, the potential of the individual can be aligned with the company’s goals. At the same time, the coachee’s self-reflection skills improve, allowing them to more easily identify limiting beliefs. This is usually directly translates to improved performance and well-being at work.

A typical coaching period lasts from a few months to a year. During this time, the coach and the coachee meet 1-2 times a month.

GROW consulting is a form of support for executives in changing working life situations. The support is based on a coaching programme with a practical, business-driven approach. The content of the programme is built around the executive’s own interests and wishes.


At AIMS International Finland, we are familiar with the recruitment market and the business logics of different industries, including the unique characteristics of executive positions development priorities. Executive search and management consulting have been at the core of our operations for more than two decades. We are familiar with the methodology of company and industry research and personal assessments.


A personalised coaching programme supports executives in discovering their strengths and interests. We focus on identifying interesting organisations and analysing different options. We explore different job search channels, support the executive in preparing key documents for the job search and advise on job interview performance. We help you identify opportunities in the job market and realise your career plans.


The manager is assigned a personal coach who will offer support for the duration of the programme. The focus areas of the programme are agreed with the coach at the first meeting. One-on-one meetings are held approximately every one and a half to two weeks, every face-to-face or remotely.

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Our Team

AIMS International Finland is a work community of experienced Executive Search, Talent Management and Interim Management specialists in the heart of Helsinki on Ludviginkatu.

We value team-based cooperation and long-term and confidential client relationships. We continuously invest in the development of our local and global expertise, both as individual consultants and as a team.

We see the importance of understanding our clients' business at a strategic level, internalisation of values and partnership.

We engage in genuine international cooperation with other AIMS International offices. Our goal is to always find the best possible talent for our clients, often also from outside Finland.

In addition to international listed companies, AIMS International Finland's clients include Finnish medium-sized companies and public sector entities. Through our consultants and past client assignments, we have particularly in-depth experience in the following industries, among others:

  • Industry (in particular Forest, Chemical, Energy, Construction, Food & Beverage, Mining and Industrial Maintenance)
  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Banking, Insurance, Private Equity and FinTech
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Life Science

Local offices

AIMS International Finland
Ludviginkatu 3-5 B 16, 00130 Helsinki, Finland

[email protected]
+358 (0) 10 778 9600

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