We are thrilled to announce the upcoming AIMS International Nordic-Baltic Meeting, set to take place in Helsinki on January 16, 2024. This prestigious event brings together our partners from all Nordic and Baltic countries in a collaborative and informative session.

The agenda is packed with engaging activities, including country-specific presentations where each nation will share latest insights about their home market and client experiences. This is a unique opportunity for all participants to gain valuable knowledge and foster cooperation across borders.

Highlighting the event are two customer keynote speeches, where our clients will discuss their business operations and future outlooks. These sessions provide an excellent platform for learning and sharing experiences from different perspectives.

Our annual meetings are a cornerstone of our commitment to unity and shared growth. Each year, a different country takes the honor of hosting, symbolizing our rotating chairmanship and the diverse contributions of each member nation. Last year’s meeting in Copenhagen was a remarkable success, and we are honored to continue this tradition in Finland.

We believe that meeting face-to-face is crucial for developing our operations and strengthening the bonds within our network. We look forward to an enriching exchange of ideas and experiences, continuing our tradition of excellence and cooperation.


Mikko Virta, Partner, AIMS International Finland