Written by Mikko Virta, Senior Consultant & Partner AIMS International Finland

In the Human Age the world is changing rapidly. The global megatrends e.g. technology, client sophistication, demographics and individual choices are shaping how we work and live. As a result, the market conditions for many businesses are changing rapidly, often unanticipated. In the business world, it is for company owners and corporate leadership obvious to understand the capabilities of the company’s key individuals, when talking about strategy enabling organisations. However, many times this is not enough and it is necessary to look at company from a wider perspective to get a true picture of the overall state of the business, to proactively make necessary changes to ensure growth, business model transformation, acquisitions etc.

My recommendation is to look at and compare the following areas and mirror them against the chosen vision and strategy.

  1. Leader and Key Individual capabilities, expertise and growth potential
  2. Board Member capabilities, especially the relationship between the Chairman and CEO
  3. Existing Management Systems in the Company
  4. Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

This Human Capital approach is very cost effective way of understanding the company´s current state. It is much more holistic and business focused than traditional people centric assessment approaches and it is not as heavy what management consulting companies might offer.

It may also occur that we feel something is not quite working in the company, but it is difficult to diagnose the problem. The root cause for that could be found by looking at these four areas. This is usually the story when talking with CEOs. We all want to succeed in our businesses. My role is to help companies from these perspectives, through which the conditions for success are created.

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