Tuija Pulkkinen works as a senior consultant at AIMS International Finland. She has started her consulting career at Open Management & Process Oy, which is the predecessor of AIMS. Tuija worked for a short period of time as an in-house recruitment consultant in an IT company. After this, she has worked for almost 13 years in executive searches, recruitment, and psychological assessments. The customer cases have varied from demanding expert searches to executive searches. The industries in which she has worked have been the manufacturing industry, ICT companies, the financial sector, and the energy industry. Not forgetting the public sector, which includes state administration organizations, universities, as well as municipalities. Tuija’s career has included entrepreneurship and work as a partner in a consulting company also.

Tuija is an HSO-secretary by her first education and after that, she graduated from Tampere University of Technology with a master’s degree in engineering. She has a degree of the Approved Board Member. Tuija gets along in Finnish and English.


I am a very social and positive person and enjoy being around people. Customers are the salt of this work and as a consultant I am also excited about successes of my clients. My customer interface has been wide and diverse, and thus I have gained a good understanding of both small SMEs and listed companies.

Although not being a typical engineer, I have a precise and systematic side also. Many things find their way into excel and periods and commas are in place. I think I am very helpful and customer oriented.

The hectic work is counterbalanced by my family, which by the way is a family of engineers - husband and all three children. I am passionate about golf and can be found from the golf course and tournaments too. Playing golf abroad is part of my free time, especially in Spain. Exercise and sport has always been a part of my life, which can be walking, cycling, yoga and a little more actively crossfit. My summer cottage near lake is important for me and I spend lot of time there throughout the whole year.

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