Göran has been active as an Executive Search consultant since 2012 and has had the privilege to help clients in different industries with leadership and specialist assignments. Since 2013 he has worked in an international context. Göran works on assignments at mainly top and middle management levels and in various specialist roles, with extra focus on IT, FMCG/Consumer and Life Science.

Before starting with Executive Search, for many years he worked as a consultant within Communication and Marketing. Göran had clients in sectors that included life/science, IT and retail. From 2006 to 2010 he was the CIO of a mid-sized company in the veterinary field. Göran’s interest in leadership development deepened during that time.

Fluent in Swedish and English.


Born in Stockholm, Sweden, where I live with my family and share my time between the city and the archipelago. My two principal hobbies are music and photography. I also enjoy travelling, always with a camera in hand.

I focus on the future and I am driven by development – both my own and others. Taking an active part in building strong teams who jointly solve assignments is important to me. I firmly believe in the intrinsic power of the team.

In my role as a consultant I always try to give people the “red carpet” treatment. I believe a high level of service also involves taking care of the details.

Being able to work long-term and close to our customers to understand their operations, contexts and challenges and be able to solve assignments no matter where in the world the need for help arises is rewarding. The international perspective boosts our creativity to develop our services so as to best help our clients now and in the future. Talent Management as a complementary service gives the client a clear strength in their leadership development.

Getting the feedback from both the client and the candidate that the recruitment is an “excellent match” gives me great satisfaction. We invest time and hard work in understanding the business, as well as the corporate culture in which the candidate is to work. There are no shortcuts to success in our assignments. We manage a high level of trust from both parties in our profession, for which I have deep respect.

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