Marian has a bachelor’s degree in Business and International Marketing from (BI) Norwegian School of Management and is a certified performance coach. She has 14 years of experience as a leader and as an executive coach in Norway and Spain. Marian’s strength is her ability to find the right talent and to build high-performing teams. She has led teams and departments through several major transformations throughout her career.

She is a specialist in change management, cultural transformations, leadership development, development of leadership teams and performance coaching. 

The majority of her experience is from the media and tech industry. She has held positions such as Sales Director, Director of Business Development Sales, Director of Organisational Performance and HR Business Partner. 

Throughout her career she has hired many different types of talent on different levels within the organisation she has been working for. This has given her the experience needed to know how to detect the right talent in terms of values, attitude and skills needed to fit a specific role in a specific company.
She has been an independent consultant since the beginning of 2022.


I am a Norwegian living in Spain together with my partner and our son. The most important driver of my success is my passion for what I do. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than to see what impact implementation of the right leadership culture can have on an individual or a team. With this in place, motivation and engagement raises, learning and innovation happens naturally, the individuals and teams are able to maximise their potential and realise amazing results.

I have many years of experience as an operational leader and have gained a strong business orientation. This combined with my excellent soft skills has made me a very good leader. I am direct, clear, structured and hard-working. I always go the extra mile to deliver the best possible quality for my employees, my managers or my clients.

My motto is: Feedback is a gift and a gesture of love. If anyone makes the effort to give you feedback for you to develop and grow, it’s because they truly care about you!