Knut Aulund has a degree as Master of Business and Economics (MBE), with specialization in International Management and Petroleum Economics. He has held various leadership roles internationally as well as in Norway. His experience ranges from strategic and financial advisory to leadership of multinational companies (CEO, COO/EVP) and startups,a transformational leader who contributes to cultural development. Mr. Aulund has contributed to many searches and placements of leaders and specialists over the last years. He has also developed considerable expertise in agile leadership and agile organisational development. 


In my words

I spend my leisure time outdoors, as much as possible. During wintertime, I love both downhill and cross country skiing. Living in the mountains of Norway gives me a unique opportunity to ski from November to May! Summertime is kayaking, hiking, hunting, fishing, and other stuff. Family life, cooking, and good wine is much appreciated. 

Other interests are music (playing my trumpet is still something I want to do more) and friends – the more the better! Apart from this – I have a strong appetite for creating value! 

What Others Say 

Knut has served as a leader over many years, both in global businesses as well as domestic. He holds a Master of Business & Economics from Norwegian School of Management (BI) and majored in Petroleum Economy as International Management. 

Since his early management buy out he has served as a CEO, COO, EVP, and Partner, always with the role of creating value for society, shareholders, employees, and partners. He has mastered several turnarounds, restructured companies, and involved himself in start-ups, both successes, and failures. 

“Learn from mistakes quickly” is one of his mottos, because he believes that no one can get anywhere in life, or business if they are afraid to fail.