Kristina has a Master of Science in cognitive neuroscience and has also studied psychology, leadership, didactics, and rhetoric. She actively seeks out opportunities to be a leader and assists other leaders in managing their roles through courses and coaching.

She has worked with leaders in various industries, with a focus on the tech sector. Her main objective in every process is to empower leaders to lead themselves, enabling them to help others grow and create high-performing teams.


In life, Kristina's goal is to uplift people so that they can uplift others, creating a lasting chain of well-being even after she's gone. This objective has guided her in almost every task she has undertaken.

As a hobby, she enjoys freediving, challenging herself to hold her breath and go as deep as possible. This mindset extends to her everyday life as well, always striving to grow and become a better person each day.

Kristina also believes that increasing well-being is crucial for addressing the sustainability challenges we face today. It all starts with caring for and being connected to our amazing world. After all, we protect what we care for!